Tuesday, July 9, 2013


In just a few short days, Washington D.C. will literally be blanketed with beautiful, bold, singing, celebrating, laughing and loving women with a shared bond: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Yes! After much anticipation, the Centennial Convention for our beloved sisterhood is almost here.


Okay. For those who've been reading here forever or for those who have a lot of cultural similarities to me, you are fully aware of what this means. But for those who still get confused, here's a quick synopsis:

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated is one of nine historically African-American Greek Letter Organizations and happens to be the same sorority into which both Deanna and I pledged. Now. Unlike a lot of other fraternities and sororities (that include mostly non-minorities for example) these predominantly black organizations come with an expectation that your commitment is for a lifetime. Meaning, you pay dues (financially and through your efforts) for life.

College grads are expected to join an alumnae or alumni chapter and continue giving back to the community through their respective sorority or fraternity. This explains why you see fifty year old black men and women in Greek letters on their shirts and car tags.

Delta Sigma Theta was founded on January 13, 1913 on the campus of Howard University in Washington D.C. I was fortunate enough to be right there on Howard's campus when the clock struck midnight exactly 100 years later. It was an AMAZING experience. You can read about that epic weekend here.

Matter of fact, I just reread and re-experienced it for kicks. 

Every other summer, our organizations hold a national convention in a different city. Because this is the year of our centennial, it was, of course, fitting to go back to where it all began--Washington D.C.! Of all of the living Delta women I know (and I know many) I can literally only think of a few that are not going to be in the Nation's capitol for this historic convention. Crazy, right?

So that means that there's going to be a CRAP-TON of Delta girls descending on D.C., ya heard?!


Of all the Delta women I have ever known, there is not one that could have possibly been more excited about it than my sister Deanna. She was SO excited. So excited, in fact, that she even made a piggy bank to save her coins up in preparation.

 Only Deanna!

Yeah. It's kind of bittersweet. But you know? We plan to make it sweet. Really, really sweet.

And so. . . .in time for the Centennial Celebration. . . .and for Deanna . . . . I'm calling all Deltas to the floor!

We got some here but we need some more!

And let me just say this:

Delta Sigma Theta for me has been more than a sisterhood. She has been a friend. A soft place to land. A safe place to keep my secrets. A hand to hold. A song on my lips. A pep in my step. An expectation for me to live up to. A reason to stand to my feet and applaud. And always, always hands that are always ready to touch and agree and of course to lift me when I'm down. I have no idea what it's like to belong to any other sorority. But it is my hope that every other person I know has something in their life that represents all that Delta has represented to me and so many others.

And especially? Delta was something I shared with DEANNA. And that? That has made me cherish this bond all the more.

The time has finally arrived. And I assure you. . . . . I am going to celebrate all 100 years of our illustrious sorority for me and for Dee. My goal is to be hoarse by the end of the weekend. Because I GUARANTEE that she would have been.

Ha ha ha.

Can I just say this? If I weren't a Delta girl. . . .

I sure would wish I were.

Now. Take all this joy and multiply it by a few hundred thousand.

It's about to be SO. ON. And let me tell you. . .me? I'm about to be OWT. Like a NEO.

me as a neophyte Delta on the night I crossed.

What?!! What!!!


Happy Centennial Week. Who's going? Who's hyped? Who's gonna lose their voice?! MEEE!!!!

The luckiest of the Delta girls marry Omega men. . . .BEST. THING. EVER. (Just sayin'!)


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm even excited! Can't wait for the pictures and stories.

  2. Hope you have an absolute blast!!

  3. Sounds so exciting. You are right the African-American sororities are much different than the white sororities. I admire the level of dedication that continues after graduation. I'm the Alumnae President for my sorority (Delta Zeta) in my area. It is like pulling teeth to get participation. *le sigh, I'm jealous.* have fun!

  4. So excited ! See ya in DC

  5. It seems like y'all just got back from a big Delta shindig. Time again? Well, I hope you have a fabulous time. She'll be there.

  6. From the deck if the Poop,
    I know she'll be there! Give her a big hug from her "poppie"


  7. Oo-oop! "A Delta girl is the sweetest girl..."

  8. I'll be there too my Soror and Skegee fam. I'll make sure I get it in for Deanna as well!

  9. All you ladies better PUT SOME "D" ON IT in DC!!!


  10. This whole experience is so foreign to me (I am an autodidact) that I gobbled it up I swallowed every drop (with sugar and butter and some frosting with a potato chip on top) with great fascination and wonderment at the whole concept and how easily you seem to move through these social waters and retain such humor and grace (and depth.) I can't wait to watch your progress there in Washington D.C. a city I know and love.


  11. Lordy, lordy, DC ain't never going to be the same after all you ladies come and paint the town R-E-D. Have fun, be bold and shine the light for all the rising Deltas.

  12. Have fun!!! By looking at the pictures I can tell the atmosphere is amazing!

  13. I just got back from the Pi Beta Phi national convention in San Diego. I was there as a representative of our Foundation that supports scholarships and literacy. I bought a "halo" (we have lots of references to angels, wings and arrows) in Deanna's honor to support the Literacy Fund. It was a small donation, but I wanted you to know because I know how you feel about your sorority and I know how Deanna felt about Readers being Leaders. Our Literacy initiative is called Read>Lead>Achieve as a matter of fact. Enjoy your centennial convention and I'll tell my daughter to look out for you. She lives very close to Howard Univ.

  14. I just love you Kim! And yes, I too plan to be OWT!! Oo-oop!

  15. ...but if she wears the Delta symbol, then her first love is DST! Happy Centennial!!

  16. Safe travels Soror! I'm sad I won't be able to attend. I can't wait to see you pictures. Enjoy Enjoy OO-OOP

  17. Yes! I have Delta friends that hit 95 North yesterday. Praying for a safe weekend for you all. Very hard to find red dresses around here for some reason. I'm sure you will have some fab pictures. Take Care!

  18. Can't make it, Oo oop for me!! -Renee


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