Sunday, June 16, 2013

If it wasn't for your love.

Would I be standing here
After all these years?
 Among the stars above
Maybe not, if it wasn't for your love

Smiling faces all around
Like when a king has just been crowned

A battle has been won
That I'd have lost
If it wasn't for your love

A fairy tale unfolds
More true than stories I've been told

At last my chance to shine
And all in perfect time

The life I once dreamed of

Who'd have thought?
If it wasn't for your love

And oh the wonderful surprise!
To have a light so bright it blinds 

 It blinds my eyes

And finally I see

 how it feels to live a dream

But would I have touched the sky?
Ever flown so high?

No not I. . . 

if it wasn't for your love . . .

. . .your love

~ Heather Headley

Happy Father's Day. Thank you to all of the fathers out there who, through their consistent and unselfish love, give there kids a fighting chance in this life.

Now playing. . . . . . warning: May require Kleenex (at least it does when I hear it while looking at these photos. . ha ha ha.)


  1. You know, it has occurred to me a couple of times now that the BHE and Poopdeck could write a pretty wonderful book for fathers. So many men didn't have the kind of father that you have, and your children have. Not perfect, but THERE. Present, hands on, fiercely loving. The pictures you post of the two of them with their kids always bring tears to my eyes (in a good way). If only...

  2. You are surrounded by good men, and with these magnificent fathers you are raising two more. I love watching them grow, and the sure and beautiful way they are being guided. Happy Father's Day to these fine men who lead by example.

  3. I love how the BHE looks so stern but the love shines through his eyes so much!

  4. It is so good for me to visit the blogs of women who had the fathers who loved them and who picked out the fathers to love their babies and at least I have that part. But in a little fantasy way, I can look at the pictures of y'all's daddies and I can pretend for a moment that I had a daddy who looked at me that way. Who was proud.
    It makes me cry but it makes me realize a lot of things I need to realize so it's good.
    Thank you.


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