Monday, June 17, 2013

Camp Papa Postcard Classics: Diversions


Dear Mom,

Grandma told me to tell you that next time you need to pack me some headphones for the airplane ride. At first I said I didn't need any because I could just play my video game on silent. Then Grandma said that the headphones aren't for the game, it's so that the person sitting next to you won't keep talking your head off when you don't feel like talking.

But don't worry because she said if you don't have some headphones you could just play possum which means act like you're asleep. I kind of think Grandma does that when she's at home, too.


Isaiah, age 8

P.S. You can play my Wii if you want while I'm gone.

Happy Monday. . . .and let the games begin!


  1. I was hoping that this one would have the Sister Moon Likes This label because I sure do. I can't believe it's already time for Camp Papa.
    Ah lah. What love.

  2. Too cute!!! LOL! -Renee

  3. Grandma had 4 sets of earphones in her purse. They came in mighty handy. Gotta plan ahead!❤

  4. What a valuable life lesson to learn at age 8, especially since that boy will probably be a jet setter fer sure.


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