Thursday, June 27, 2013

Camp Papa Postcard Classics: Good Citizenship.

Dear Mom,

I'm sorry that I haven't written you for a few days. Mostly it's because we've been busy doing stuff. Today we played some golf with Grandpa but we also went swimming. This is why we just went ahead and wore our swim trunks to the golf course. 

Mom, did you know that you're s'posed to wear special clothes to the golf course? Like they want you to have on a collar-shirt and maybe something that isn't swim trunks. Sort of like a school uniform. Did you know that, Mom?

Grandpa said he DID know. He also said that when you get senior citizen like he is that you just kind of do what you want. Mom? I a little bit think this is why he keeps wearing that fanny pack. A little bit I do.


Isaiah, Age 8

P.S.  I am doing my best to teach Zachary how to play golf. I keep telling him that he can't move the ball with his hand after he hits it but he sort of doesn't really listen and does what he wants. Do you think maybe he is a little bit senior citizen like Grandpa?


  1. I keep saying that I have an awful lot in common with my grandchildren. Ignoring what is appropriate to wear in favor of wearing what one wants is one of the main things.

  2. I read this to my mother, who is a fanny-pack wearing senior citizen. She could not stop laughing!

  3. This is absolutely adorable.

  4. i love these camp papa postcards!


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