Thursday, June 20, 2013

Camp Papa Postcard Classics: The Latest

Dear Mom,

I am sure that you are wondering what's going on here in California so I will tell you. 

1. We went swimming for a lot of hours. Like waaay more than you let us go for.
2. We had some Sprite which Papa said was no big deal even if it's soda. Even when I told him Mom doesn't let us have sodas. He said to ask you if you got to have sodas and see what you say.
3. Zachary lost one of his new sandals. I didn't though.

That's all. Okay, bye.


Isaiah, Age 8

P.S. Did you drink sodas sometimes when you were eight? If you did, Mom, then that's kind of not that fair.


  1. I love these! I remember the day my child came home and asked me if I'd heard of this tasty drink called soda....

  2. When I went to stay with my grandmother when I was about their age, she asked, "What do you drink for breakfast?" I told her Coke. Guess what I got to drink for breakfast for one blissful, heavenly week?


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