Sunday, June 30, 2013

Camp Papa Postcard Classics: Some girls.

Dear Mama,

Yesterday Auntie JoLai took us to the pool with some new friends. Some of the friends were girls but some were boys. Mama, I don't know why but sometimes if girls are there I feel kind of funny in my tummy. And also I can't stop laughing or being silly. Isaiah kind of is the same way but 'cept he gets quiet and just smiles a lot. Even though he's not shy.

But it's only with some girls, Mama. Not all girls.


Like, not you, okay? Just some girls. Not all. Just some.


Zachary, Age 6 and 3/4

P.S. I asked Auntie JoLai about why it makes my tummy feel tickly and she said to ask you. 



  1. I love him and his tickle-y little tummy.

  2. Tell him it has something to do with the way they smell. Like, how when he smells french fries, it makes his tummy gurgle sometimes.

  3. Tell him to ask his dad...this made me laugh!

  4. From the deck of the Poop,

    Grandpa PoopDeck will explain .... Just remember mom "what happens in California , stays in California!!!!!!!"


  5. I'm glad he is so open with his feelings. Enjoy it while you can.

  6. Oh girl, thank you! I sure needed a laugh right now.

  7. I sooo love this young man!!! Tell him that I still get funny in my tummy sometimes when I see certain people and I'm an adult.


  8. I am hollering at Poopdeck's comment!!!! LOL!!

    Wooooo! As a mom of teenage boys, I would classify this as a SJGR moment. Get ready...*giggle*


  9. LOL...well mom, what is the reason for his stomach to feel funny around certain girls...but not you ??? This has to be the cutest postcard yet!!!


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