Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Life in Pictures: The Puppy Mafia and other random things.

Hey. Feeling a little lazy today. Lots going on and have been super busy. Here's what I've been up to.

But first, here's a super random old photo I found in a box last week. That little baby is my friend Jada's son, Noah and he's now an eighth grader. Bananas.

That was from the weekend I was taking my Pediatrics certifying boards back in 2000. And yes, that wig looking bob is my hair. Um, yeah.

It's been a while since I've given an update on The Puppy Mafia. Well. This in no way means that my children have outgrown them. Puppy, Pup Pup, Puppy Dog, Little Guy, and the rest are still very much a part of the family.


Turns out that approximately 6 months ago, Isaiah was playing with Puppy outside and he got lost. Over the last several months, we've made a few weak attempts to find him--usually at dusk. We looked a couple of times during the day, but no dice. I was ready to give up on the pooch. Maaan, I got too much going on for all that. So me? I had totally given up. But as Isaiah always tells me (all matter of factly with eyelids at half mast,) "Puppy will never be lost forever."

Which has technically always been true. I still remain particularly impressed by Great Puppy Recovery of 2008 -- the nearly two year loss that occurred in my grandmother's house in Tuskegee, Alabama. You just try to find something in a house that someone has lived in for over fifty years. I just dare you. But Isaiah? He has Puppy radar. He totally found him. Even if it took almost two years for it to happen.


Oh, and as for all of the rain, sleet, and what-not that Puppy was facing? It was fine because he's "already brave" -- remember? (Long, ridiculous story. See hyperlink above.)

Whelp. On Saturday morning, Isaiah put on his jacket and his determination and declared that morning the one when Puppy would be found. "I will not give up until he is home safe," Isaiah said.


So you know what happened next. Mmmm hmmmm.

That's after a six month trip backpacking in our backyard. He actually looks pretty good, considering all that.

Here's some pictures from Tounces' birthday celebration.

It was a lovely time. She was happy. Which meant that we were all happy, too.

So, yeah. That was good.

Oh. I went to HLN  to do Raising America again today. That was cool.

Here's a funny thing -- one of the segment producers asked me for my Twitter handle. When I told him that I wasn't on Twitter or Facebook? He was all like:

Ha ha ha. Any excuse to use this GIF of Zachary. I'm totally hooked on this neat little app on my iPhone that makes these things. It's been a good time.

Anywho. After he stopped giving me the hairy eyeball it was cool. Ha ha ha.

I'll try to let y'all know next time in advance since HLN is a syndicated channel and most of you should be able to see it when it's on.

How cute is this baby picture of Isaiah? So smoochable.

Saw this last week in Kroger. But this time I didn't do the ugly cry like before, so it was cool. Instead I just felt happy and sort of wanted some lemon Jell-O cake.

What else?

Oh, these snaps from Zachary's playdate over the weekend with one of his buddies. They played video games for a few moments but then they opted for outdoors. For over two hours! I was so happy to see that some kids still want to play outside.

I was trying to have a cup of coffee and do some work a few days ago. I had an article due for this journal and was already past the deadline. I had work to do! Well. This gray-haired man sitting near me smiles. I smile back. Then he started talking my head off. OFF. Even though I was clearly BUSY. But he was an elder and thought he was funny. So I was polite. Even though I really was feeling all like:

Sorry. Another shameless excuse to use the GIF app. 

Dude. How much of a flashback is this button from Deanna's senior year jacket? 

Breakin' Fresh?

Cut. It. Out.
And this? This is just a cute picture of Isaiah.

That's all I've got for now. Night night!

Happy Tuesday.


  1. I love this random snippets -- especially the cool little picture/video things. Oh, and Deanna's button. I have one that says, "81 Has All the Fun."
    Yikes. We wore those while singing and dancing "Celebrate Good Times."

  2. Uh...lemon Jello cake? That's all I can think about now. Is that weird? (My mother-in-law used to make Jello cakes. I think I miss them.)

  3. 1. Glad Dame's birthday was great
    2. I love the GIFs

  4. OMG Kimberly, that GIF of you is classic! I LOVE it! LOL

    Happy Birthday Shugsie! The pics are great!

  5. Happy B-lated birthday to your beautiful mom! The .gif's are soooo comical! ~Millicent


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