Monday, February 25, 2013

Good save.

Zachary:  "Mama! Look what I made!"

Me:  "Nice work, buddy!"

Zachary:  "It's a 'Z', Mama. For Zachary!"

Me:  "It sure is, baby! And a totally awesome 'Z', I might add!"

Isaiah:  "Dude. It's totally backwa--"

Me:  "HEEEEYYYYYYY! Back that thang up!" (Insert REALLY LOUD snapping fingers and awesome Mom-dance ---> HERE.) "Awww that LOOKS GOOD! Won'tcha back that thang up! You's a TALENTED BROTHA! Won'tcha back that thang up! Whoooooo! Yeeeeaaaaahhh!"

*now picture me backing that thang up--but the Mom version--still snapping the REALLY LOUD Mom-snap and attempting to do "the bump" with my kids*

Isaiah and Zachary:  *running away screaming in terror* 


Look, man. Motherhood requires us to be fast on our feet, people. It was either "Back That Thang Up" or letting an older brother squash the hopes and dreams of the next Picasso.

Mmmm hmmm.

Hmmmm. I guess I could have sang a Backstreet Boys song to mask that word "backwards," but -- I'm just sayin' -- I don't think it would have had the same effect.

*walks out of room waving hand at y'all*

Maaaaan. Haters gon' hate.

Happy Monday. Where all my real mamas at?!

And now playing on my mental iPod and now, regrettably, yours, too . . . . .

And, of course, some really EXCELLENT Mom-dancing by the FLOTUS. YAAAY-YUUUUHH!


  1. As I told my daughter May today, we now know we live in the coolest country IN THE WORLD because of Michelle Obama.

  2. I love Zachary's Z, your reaction, and I love Michelle Obama! Joanne

  3. Dr. M, you down with Cash Money?!? Already the coolest attending. Now, officially the. coolest. mom. ever.


  4. I always say that my second child is going to have a rock solid ego because of all the things her big brother says to her. She is feisty and doesn't let his put downs get in the way of her zeal for life and let me tell you, now that she is 7 and 3/4, she gives as good as she gets. (She also did her letters and numbers backwards until she was about 6).

    1. From the deck of the Poop
      I would have expected Isaiah to follow his observation with a ... Unless you plan to use a mirror to read it or something.... With Zacky replying " I MIGHT!!!"

      Love my grandsons



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