Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Top Ten: Hands Down.

Some things speak for themselves. . . .

"I didn't come to work at Grady Hospital over thirty years ago to get rich!
I came to work here because I wanted to be rich."

~ Michael Lubin, MD

All in a day's work. . . . .Top Ten hands spotted in and around Grady Hospital today. . . .

#10 - Intern Hands.

Complete with intern pockets.

#9 -- Electronic Medical Record Hands.

Want to go to med school? Better learn to type. On your home keys.

#8 -- Senior Faculty Hands.

Dropping all kinds of knowledge.

#7 -- Unexpectedly Funny T-Shirt-Wearing Grady Elder Hands.

Me: "You a fan of New Kids on the Block, sir?"

Him: "New Kids on na' WHO?"

#6 -- Collaborating and Teaching Hands.

Grady doctors teaching together and working together.

#5 -- Pager hands.

Yes. They still exist. These all belonged to one person.

#4 -- Social Worker Hands.

Social Workers at Grady? A godsend. And very, very necessary.

#3 -- Sanitized Hands.

Clean hands gets you a gold star. For real.

#2 -- New York Native-Animated Talking Hands.

No, this guy wasn't applauding. He's just a Grady doctor telling a story about a patient.

And my most favorite of all. . . . .

#1 -- Holding Hands.

Mother and daughter going to visit grandmother in the hospital. Yes. It was as sweet as it looks.

And in case you were still wondering? I work at the best place ever. Hands down.

Happy Thursday.

*Gnarly fact: All of these pictures were taken with my iPhone. Way cool, right? Shout out to my friend Angella L. at her awesome blog for hipping me to this photo-editing site! Thanks, sister!


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