Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Top Ten: Hands Down.

Some things speak for themselves. . . .

"I didn't come to work at Grady Hospital over thirty years ago to get rich!
I came to work here because I wanted to be rich."

~ Michael Lubin, MD

All in a day's work. . . . .Top Ten hands spotted in and around Grady Hospital today. . . .

#10 - Intern Hands.

Complete with intern pockets.

#9 -- Electronic Medical Record Hands.

Want to go to med school? Better learn to type. On your home keys.

#8 -- Senior Faculty Hands.

Dropping all kinds of knowledge.

#7 -- Unexpectedly Funny T-Shirt-Wearing Grady Elder Hands.

Me: "You a fan of New Kids on the Block, sir?"

Him: "New Kids on na' WHO?"

#6 -- Collaborating and Teaching Hands.

Grady doctors teaching together and working together.

#5 -- Pager hands.

Yes. They still exist. These all belonged to one person.

#4 -- Social Worker Hands.

Social Workers at Grady? A godsend. And very, very necessary.

#3 -- Sanitized Hands.

Clean hands gets you a gold star. For real.

#2 -- New York Native-Animated Talking Hands.

No, this guy wasn't applauding. He's just a Grady doctor telling a story about a patient.

And my most favorite of all. . . . .

#1 -- Holding Hands.

Mother and daughter going to visit grandmother in the hospital. Yes. It was as sweet as it looks.

And in case you were still wondering? I work at the best place ever. Hands down.

Happy Thursday.

*Gnarly fact: All of these pictures were taken with my iPhone. Way cool, right? Shout out to my friend Angella L. at her awesome blog for hipping me to this photo-editing site! Thanks, sister!


  1. Amazing post as usual. Just love it!

  2. wonderful! these hands say so much, and you, who noticed them.

    and thanks for the shout out, too.


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