Friday, June 10, 2011

Belated Top Ten: Mack Moves.

Isaiah the Playa and Zach the Mack.

Last weekend the boys and I visited with my friend Cassandra M. at the new home that her family just had built. Cassandra has two daughters, Caitlin and Carly, and a sweet little son named Chase that just turned one. I initially thought that my rough and tumble boys would be way too rough to play with her sugar 'n' spice girls. In fact, for that reason, my plan was to be there for only thirty minutes to an hour, but we were both pleasantly surprised at how well Isaiah, Zachary, Caitlin, and Carly played together. We ended up hanging out for nearly three hours!

Well. . in addition to dousing one another with water hoses, playing freeze tag, and a few rounds of "Mother May I?" I began to notice my son Zachary making this expression that I laugh out loud each time I recall. Every time he spoke to Carly, Cass' almost four year old daughter, his mouth curled and his eyebrows raised in this flirty-slash-blushing way.

Usually Isaiah (the Playa) is the one that we catch putting the moves on little girls at the playground. He has no shame in his playa game, either. Without fail, Isaiah sees a cute girl, chats her up and next thing I know all I hear is, "Isai-yaaaaah! Isai-yaaaah!"


THEN, as soon as the Playa gets into the car, within two seconds he's announcing that the girl "wants to marry" him. Harry thinks it's cute, and me? Well, I think it gives me heartburn.

My baby, Zachary, on the other hand, is content being Mommy's baby most of the time. When he does get smitten, though, he's a lot cooler than Isaiah about his mojo. Zachary simply blushes. . .or unfortunately tackles and punches the object of his affection. But this? This was something altogether different.

"OMG!" I said to Cassandra, "Look! Zachary is totally crushing on Carly!"

"Girrrl, I think the feeling just might be mutual," she replied with a hearty laugh. As I watched Carly batting her little lashes, I knew Cassandra was right.

And so we watched. And we laughed. And we laughed some more. As we witnessed Zachary putting the mack moves on Carly--and Carly letting him. Who knew that he was Zach-the-Mack?

Lawd. . . .I'm pretty sure I witnessed Zachary's first date. Ugggh.

Don't believe me? I've got proof!

So. . . .without further ado, I lighten things up by bringing you this week's (belated) top ten!

The Top Ten Shots from when Zachy met Carly: The Firsts.

#10 - The first "creep."

"Okay. . . sssshhhhh. . . don't make too much noise or else someone will hear us!"

#9 - The first parental bypass.

"Old school trick--put it in neutral and roll it out first--this way nobody will hear the engine when we pull out!"

#8 - The first "do you even know where we're going?"

"Zachary, are you sure you know how to get there?"

#7 - The first "Ugggh, woman!"

"Please don't nag me, Carly! I don't need directions!"

"You don't have to be all snippy about it!"

#6 - The first "I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry, Carly. . . uhh. . I like your hair."

#5 - The first "put on your seatbelt" reminder.

"Let's head out!"

"Zachary, don't forget your seatbelt. . .do you hear me?"

#4 - The first "do you even know what you're doing?"

"Zachary, is that orange light supposed to be on?"

#3 - The first "not really but I will act like I do."

"I don't think it means anything. . . wait--let me listen to the engine for a minute."

#2 - The first "sigh."

"Okay, I think everything is going to be fine."

#1 - The first "hope we don't get busted."

"I hope your Daddy doesn't show up."

Bonus shot: The first crush.


Wait--you mean to tell me they grow up?

So. Not. Ready. Which reminds me of something my blogger-friend Psonya at Pserendipity wrote recently about her six year old and his THREE girlfriends. . . .

*clutching my chest*

So. Not. Ready.

Happy Friday.


  1. Oh, man! That's so cute! You absolutely must keep those photos and show them off at his 21st or something! And Carly? Oh my, her hair is GORGEOUS! :)

  2. Girl- you better get ready. Because it's happening from day ONE! I know it and I mean it.

  3. Waaay too cute for words!!! Not Auntie's Baby!!! hahahaha! Carly better watch out... I was already planning to set him up with Nora when he comes out to Cali! :-)

  4. Oh, my gosh. That was fantastic! The two of them in the car -- priceless! Her hair? Fabulous! And they do grow up way, way too fast. My older son will be thirteen this summer; he had his first real girlfriend this year and it killed me. Absolutely took me by surprise -- the vehement emotions I experienced -- not jealousy, exactly, but close.

  5. Photo captions=best part. You hired these children, right?


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