Monday, May 30, 2011

There's nothing new under the sun.

"Summer, summer, summer time
Time to sit back and unwind. . ."

~ DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

Every now and then I find myself marveling at how much has changed since I was a kid. But yesterday, I found myself marveling at just how much has not.

Kids are still kids. Laughter is still laughter. Fun is still fun. The ice cream truck is still the ice cream truck. And. Summer is still summer.

Isaiah with one of my besties and med school classmates,Tracey (aka "Auntie Punkin")

The only difference is that now me and my friends are the ones sitting on decks and porches having those grown up conversations over barbecue and a-dult beverages. . . . and the ones telling children to wait thirty minutes after eating before jumping back into swimming pools. (Where that came from, I do not know--but even as a doctor, I'm not about to challenge it.)

Wait. Isn't the point of the obligatory thirty minute "rest and digest" to actually rest? That wouldn't include basketball or freeze tag, would it?

I'm sure our parents used to wonder when we'd get tired just like we were all wondering this day and just like our folks, carried our children's exhausted little bodies in from the car like limp rag dolls after a full day of everything from cannon balls to Marco! Polo! to double dutch to two on two basketball.

A lot as changed, yes. But I'm kind of happy to know that a whole lot of things haven't.

Is it thirty minutes yet???

Happy Summer.

Now playing on my mental iPod. . . .it's not summer until I hear this song. . .

What are your favorite summer memories?


  1. Mmmm.
    My favorite summer memories didn't happen until I became a grown-up and as such, I don't think I should relate them here. But I will say- water was involved.
    Watermelon kisses to you and yours!

  2. your boys are just too cute!!

  3. Oh, man, I am jealous!! :)
    Dad just lit a fire for the first time this year, HELLO winter!

  4. Shoot! Forgot about my friends on the other side of the globe! Winter in New Zealand? Wow!

  5. The little guy in the navy body suit... I just want to swoop him up and kiss him.


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