Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Best Mom Ever.

Mother's day 2011

Mother's Day 2011 with Team Manning

Awoke to a nice, quiet house.  Spent a solid, uninterrupted hour on the sunroom couch reading on my e-reader-Nook-thingie which I have decided is a really cool thing to have and is decidedly more book-like than reading on an iPad. The sky is cloudless and everything is so peaceful that I feel like I am exactly inside of the book I am reading. Zen. 

Only 6:45 a.m. Not a sleeper-inner so feel like I am doing exactly what I want to be doing which is exactly what you should be doing on this day if you are a mother. Speaking of which: in that moment made the executive decision that, as regular frequenters of church, Team Manning wouldn't go today in an effort to avoid the masses of irregular frequenters surely to descend upon churches near and far for one of the wholly-moly! trinity of church-going days: Christmas, Easter, and Mother's Day. Lord, forgive me.

Manning males awoke and pounced on me one at a time, including the 200+ pound one, which kind of knocked my wind out, but made me laugh. Am removed from 1962 Mississippi, the setting of my book, but decide that this place is better.

"Happy Mother's Daaaaay!!!" 

Smooches abound, hugs, and even a high compliment from Zachary who said, "You look pretty even in your pj's and your glasses." He is 150% serious, which I love. I am then treated to a medley of Zachary songs that happen to be all from "School House Rock."  Gnarly.  

Next comes an offer to go out for a fancy brunch-breakfast that I swiftly decline, requesting a super-simple Mother's Day morning with no-frills fare.  The BHE returns with McDonald's pancakes through the drive thru, a bagel from Panera for me, Dunkin Donuts coffee--all enjoyed at our kitchen table without a wait or reservation required.  Laughter everywhere. Sweet phone calls and text messages coming in. Sun shining. And all of us shining, too.  Feeling super special and like I am surely the best mom ever.

Table cleared. Soccer cleats located.  Shin guards paired. World continues to turn.  But still feeling like the best mom ever.

And then this:

Isaiah:  "Hey Mom. Have you seen my Nintendo DS?"

Me:  "It's in the kitchen."

Isaiah:  "Oh no! I just remembered that I didn't charge it!"

Me:  "Well, seeing as you have the best mom ever, your DS is fully charged, my child. See?"

Me pointing at his Nintendo DS portable game plugged into the socket.  Isaiah smiling and hopping up and down like a mini-kangaroo.

Me:  "Now riddle me this, you handsome little six-year-old you. . . . what has two thumbs and is the best mom ever?"

Isaiah:  "Mom?"

Pointing thumbs at myself and dancing in a way that would embarrass all members of my family, and even you as a reader of this blog.

Isaiah:  "Mom?"

Me:  "Yes?" (still dancing)

Isaiah:  "Every mom is the best mom ever.  Not just you, Mom, okay? Especially if they are giving their very best effort at being a mom."

Stop my dance and look at him, sideways smiling.  His face is serious and thoughtful. My heart is two pumps away from exploding.

Me: "I love you, old man."

Now know for certain that I am the best mom ever.  And so are you. 

This kid has deep thoughts, I tell you.

Happy Mother's Day to the best moms, grand-moms,  play-moms, step-moms, god-moms, dad-moms, almost-moms and in-heaven moms ever.  

Now playing on my mental iPod. . . .


  1. You ARE the best mom ever! I love you, Mizzle!!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!!

    May you always feel boundless joy and happiness for, with and about those two priceless treasures that have made you the best mom!

    Isaiah is amazing... I have no words, really, speechless...

  3. Beautiful, Grady Doctor Mama.
    Happy Mother's Day to you and much love.

  4. Way to choke a girl up, Isaiah! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. :)

  5. I love your old man. We all do our best. He is wise beyond his years.

    And I'm dying with laughter at your dance. Mad corny. :) LOL!

  6. My dance was mad smooth. For real.

  7. This is too precious! Your son is super adorable with his old man wisdom! I'm she he can teach us a thing or two...wait, he already has! keep 'em coming. From across the pond in Germany....

  8. LMAO!!! He told you. ;-

    So glad you had a nice Mother's Day.

  9. I'm claiming Aunties-who-are-not-Moms Day as the 2nd Sunday in August (so that some years, it can land on my birthday). I need to contact the good people at Hallmark for their support.

    I want presents too!!


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