Friday, May 6, 2011

Shining star.

"You're a shining star
No matter who you are
Shining bright to see
What you can truly be"

~ Earth, Wind and Fire's "Shining Star"

Six years ago today, Harry and I marveled at the sight of this nine pound and two ounce screaming baby boy that had just (somehow) come out of my body without surgical intervention. It was love at first sight.

There is so much to love about him, but the best thing about Isaiah is that he is such an old soul. My friend Lisa R. has a son who is also an old soul (and who also has an early May birthday) and we would both tell you that living with a mini-Grandpa is a joy that can barely be described.

Case in point--Isaiah and I were discussing his birthday plans last year and he promptly dropped this little doozy on me:

"Hey Mom?"


"May the sixth is a special day for you, too, you know."

"Of course it is because I love you."

"No, Mom. It's your birthday, too. That's the day that you first got to start being a Mommy."

"Hmmm. Kind of like a Mommy-versary."

"Happy Mommy-versary, Mom."

This morning he said to me, "Aren't you glad that God trusted you to take care of me?"

And, even though I was feeling sick, I looked up at his face (that looked just like this picture above) and felt so overcome with love that I couldn't stand it.


Good ol' Isaiah. He's an old soul, yes. . . . .

. . . but is beautifully child-like in every way.

Happy Birthday, my sweet shining star. Thanking you for showing me the world through your eyes and for bringing me a joy unspeakable. And thank you for reminding me that today is my Mommy-versary.

Playing on my mental iPod today. . . . the special song that I used to sing to Isaiah as a baby. . . .and that now he always seems to choose the perfect moments to sing to me.


  1. You are lucky. So is he. Beautiful, beautiful boy.

  2. He is amazing beyond words. May he be healthy and strong, successful and lucky, loved, loving, and happy... for at least a hundred and six more years to come. May all his dreams and goals line up under a blue sky along a green path for him to travel. May he know boundless joy and little sorrow. May your chest always swell with pride and love for all the things that are and all the things that are yet to come for him...

    I join my voice and thoughts to yours today... whatever you wish for your son, I wish it with you.

  3. Beautiful post for a beautiful boy. :)

  4. Anush! You are trying to choke me up, lady! Thanks for the well wishes, y'all!


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