Friday, May 6, 2011


Forgive me for not posting the Thursday top ten yesterday. I hit one of those Tex-Mex spots for lunch yesterday and found myself paying for it from both ends by that afternoon.  Perhaps I have never posted about my disdain for vomiting, but know this--I generally try to avoid doing so at all costs.  Few things can sideline me, but that is one bodily function that sho nuff can.

Oh and did I mention?  Our graduating senior medical students had a lovely end of the year black tie optional event at the Georgia Aquarium. Yes, it was last night.  Whew!  Harry bought me some Pepto Bismol which I promptly took to the head before going inside. For the most part I was fine until I made the mistake of sipping on some ginger ale.  Harry and I were chatting in front of the beluga whales and suddenly I heard the JAWS music in my head.  With each "duhh-dunnnt" I could feel my cookies preparing to be tossed.  Finally, Harry whisks me over to some hallway leading to the kitchen where fortunately a highball glass saved the day. 

Don't let the smile fool you. I was sick as a DAWG.

Essentially, I didn't eat or drink a single thing for the rest of the evening. That's great considering the fact that I had to go up to the front two separate times.  Last time I checked, puking at the podium was not cool.  Anyways. . . . it was a beautiful evening.

The Pepto wore off and I spent overnight cursing Chipotle Grill. Uggghh!

Promise to get back on track when I feel better!


  1. Oh dear! I was wondering where you had disappeared to! :) Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Must be something going around... hundreds of miles of distance notwithstanding! I hope you return back to normal quickly... Best wishes for a very healthy and happy weekend.

  3. OH NO!! :( I guess I'll forgive you for not doing the Thursday Top 10. just this time though! They're too much fun to read :o)


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