Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Top Ten: Boy, oh boy!

This just in:

TOP TEN WAYS to know fo' sho' 
that you live in a house with little boys:


You know exactly what the following things are:

Ben 10, Bakugan, Clone Wars, Lego Hero Factory, Super Mario Brothers and Beyblades.


Despite using an entire bottle of Fabuloso and almost all of the big jug of Clorox in your bathroom you swear you still smell pee near and around your toilet bowl exactly five minutes after you finish. And, on some days? You think you smell pee for the rest of the day.


You are willing to go to parks that don't have public restrooms. (As long as they have plenty of foliage.)


You launder a minimum of two costumes with every load you place into your washing machine irrespective of Halloween's proximity.


One of your brassieres was used as an aviator helmet this week, and in your purse next to your MAC lip gloss you have at least one of the following:

a Lego, a Matchbox car, a Nintendo DS, or an action figure of any sort.

Bonus points if you drive a volvo, an SUV or a minivan and there are cleats and soccer balls in the back.


Potty training involved aiming at a Cheerio or an M&M.


You know the difference between all the different Batmans and all of the different Spidermans. (Yes, I meant to say "mans" and not "men.")


You are a princess that gets rescued at least seven times per week from dastardly villains. (Especially if you tricked them into seeing "Tangled" by saying that it was about ninjas tangled up in the jungle instead of being all about Rapunzel.)


You finally accept that even if though you have a "no gun play or sword play" rule in your house that any and every household item is fair game for becoming a machete, a machine gun, or bazooka at any given moment. This includes, but is not limited to, paper towel holders, toilet paper rolls, wire hangers, shoes, hairbrushes, blow dryers, and empty juice boxes. Oh yeah, and bananas, too.


You reflexively let the toilet seat down every where you go. And feel convinced that you still smell pee.

Bonus one:

You've been asked at least once what happened to your. . . . . uuhhh. . . .on second thought, let's stop at ten. Heh.

Happy Thursday.

Yes, your toilet aim is questionable but I love you just the same.


  1. As the mother of two boys, I can attest that these are SO true. From the purse full of toys to the Mario and Ninja turtle costumes worn all weekend, to hearing, "Goodbye Peach," (as in Princess Peach) as I leave out of the house, you are so on point. And don't get me started on the way more than regular washings my shower curtain has to endure. But I wouldn't change it for anything! Love this post.

  2. Truer words were never written!

    Sometimes an entire load can be just "costumes", which can incorporate everything from kitchen towels to winter coats. I gave up on the no weapons rule the instant my then 3-year-old first-born used his fingers as a pistol. I suspect I will still be finding stray Lego pieces or little pirates figurines and their paraphernalia in my purses in 20 years from now.

    And don't get me started on the pee, because there is no end in sight - literally and figuratively!

  3. Another mom of 2 (3 and 7) saying "amen" to this! We have fewer costume changes but I think I have more random things in my purse to make up for it. And heaven help us when they head to the bathroom *at the same time*. Lysol wipes were made for parents of boys.

    I also have a drawer full of paper hearts that say things like "the best mommy" and "most bouotiful mom" so there are perks.

    PS (Hear you on the bonus question! HAHAAHA!)

  4. Hello Dr. Manning,

    This comment is not in any way near relevant to this post. I met you at the ACP conference over a month ago and am so happy about your accomplishments and as my graduation day approaches (this Saturday!!!!!), I wanted to let you know just how much of an inspiration you and your blog is to me (so much so I wrote about you in an article I submitted on behalf of my internal medicine interest group for a newsletter by the IM department after recapping about the ACP Conference & yes I included the link to your blog :) ). Although I believe that I will accomplish my goals, I have tangible proof of what I can be in the next couple of years. You make us Meharrians really proud. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  5. The mother of three sons I knew always described her bathroom as smelling like the men's room at the Texaco station.
    I think it's just the way it is.
    How big is your yard? Foliage?


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