Sunday, April 17, 2011


The Dansko clog: PTSD culprit
These are my weekend hospital work shoes.

My husband thinks they look like scary orthotics. And if I am not mistaken, he also has suggested that if he only saw one of them, he'd bet money that they belonged to someone with asymmetric leg lengths.

Ain't that some mess?

The good news is that I don't wear them anywhere other than the hospital on ultra-long inpatient rounding days. The man hates them, yes. But they are ridiculously comfortable, even if you have to stand for a gazillion hours in a row, which is why I purchased them in the first place.

Oh--let me clarify. I don't not wear them elsewhere because of Harry's opinion about them. The truth is that I pretty much agree with him for the most part. On most days, I'm not a "clogs" kind of girl at all, and the girly-girl in me is often willing to commit shoe-icide for fashion's and for husband's sake. What can I say? A good pair of it-girl high heels makes me happy. Which is fortunate considering I sho' nuff married a see-his-wife-in-some-car-to-bar-scary-high-heels kind of man.


Now, here's the funny part:  since work on the weekends is just about the only place I rock these hand-stapled Danish atrocities, it has created a Pavlovian reaction for Zachary who hates it when I have to round on weekends.  If I so much as take them out of the closet, the dude hits me with the sad-face.  His bottom lip gets to quivering and he wails:

"Not the shoes, Mommy! Not to work, Mommy!"

Well just tear my heart right out of my chest, why don't you?

Okay, so is it bad that every time I had to round on weekends last month, I left the house wearing my Ugg boots (which I am in 24-7 around the house and that Harry calls "grounds for divorce") and then changed into the Dansko's in the Grady parking garage? Shoot. It was either that or see a four year old cry.

See? These are the kinds of important dilemmas I face before going to stamp out disease every day. I'm just sayin'.

What kind of crazy things are y'all dealing with in your neck of the woods?


Happy Sunday.


  1. I believe those are the exact same shoes my daughter the restaurant manager/server wears. Yep.
    And I would do the same thing with the changing-of-the-shoes-in-the-parking-lot. Of course. What mother wouldn't?
    Crazy in MY neck of the woods? Are you kidding? There's no one here but me but there's plenty of crazy so that means...
    Never mind.

  2. I am with you 100% on the shoes - can't stand the ugly looks, but fashion sacrifices do have to be made sometimes.

    As far as the crazy? I don't even know where to start... med school + kids + husband working/living in another state = crazy cubed.

  3. I'm 47 and have finally given in and currently only wear Danish clogs (not Danskos but Danish and ugly, nonetheless)in winter and Birkenstocks in summer. Every now and then I bemoan letting myself go, but my arthritic big toe and occasional plantar fascitiis keep me straight. And I do have a pair of red chunky heels that I pull out when I just can't wear the clogs!

  4. Why can't the most comfortable shoes also be fashionable. Maybe that will be my side hustle, I'd set up a stand outside of hospitals and rack up!

    Wonder what would happen if you brought home some Crocs. LOL

  5. I have those dansko shoes in black! Also... not gonna lie... I've been known to wear them to the grocery store or the post office a few times too. They are seriously comfortable! When I first started nursing and doing 12 hour shifts I got plantar fasciitis and those shoes saved me :)


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