Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Top Ten: A Thousand Words.

Yes. That is a grown man inside of that crib.

The wise person who said that a picture speaks a thousand words was preaching the sho' nuff gospel.  This week's top ten is dedicated to the top ten images, new and vintage, that made me smile this week. . . .


#10 -- These gnarly matching outfits courtesy of Mom's Singer sewing machine totally made me smile.

#9 -  This picture of Pa Pa and Isaiah taking an afternoon siesta made me smile.

 #8 --  This dreamy snapshot of Isaiah and me looking at jellyfish in the Georgia Aquarium made me smile.

#7  --  The "Gooooo Cheetahs!" snapshot taken at the end of soccer last weekend brought a smile to my face.

#6  --  This picture of me with my friend and fellow Grady Doctor, Ildefonso T., made me smile.

#5 -- This snapshot of Zachy in The Incredibles costume makes me laugh out loud. Every time he used to put that thing on, he'd make this face and morph into a madman.  This photo captures it perfectly! Please tell me you've seen anything more adorable so that I can tell you you're lying.

#4 -- This snapshot of Harry's best friend Shannon at his promotion ceremony to Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army being hugged by his daughter. . .also named Shannon. . .made me smile. Shannon is currently serving our country in the middle east. (He has been home for a few weeks and timed it perfectly for the birthday celebrations of his wife, Michelle, and this gorgeous little gal who turned eight this week.) 

Thank you, Shannon, for all that you are doing--doesn't this photo remind you of all that our men and women in uniform sacrifice for us?

 #3 -- This week I had my second year medical student small group over to my house for our session. Seeing this picture of their smiling faces as they prepared to leave made me smile. . . wish I had that small group kind of experience in medical school sometimes.

 #2 --  This picture of Isaiah and Zachary playing in a pile of leaves never fails to make me smile.

#1  --  This picture of the four of us during the pre-car seat, pre-minivan era makes me smile . . . and then laugh.  In order, that's my brother, Will, older sister, Deanna, yours truly, and younger sister, JoLai. Oh, and if JoLai and I look scarily close in age?  Uhhh, that would be because we are ten months apart. Yes.  

Ten. Months. Apart. 

I would tell you that the youngest child was a little post-vasectomy surprise. I would tell you that, but you know, I don't like spreading other folks' business like that. Ah hem.

Bonus shot:

Having a bad day? Relive a few memories with photos.  It always works for me.


Happy Thursday.


  1. 10 months apart! Awesome! ;o) Sweet pics. I can see why they made you smile. I like on #9 the chalkboard with some letters from the alphabet on it. It's like they did so much work on getting D E and F correct that they just HAD to take a nap ;o) so cute!

  2. From those well-crafted dresses to the babies 10 months apart, and likely everything else in between... your mom is a hero.

  3. Awwww . . . Thanks! JoLai was the best surprise I ever had!!

  4. I've heard of that ten-months-apart thing called "Irish Twins." I guess it ain't just the Irish. These are some precious pictures and thank-you for sharing them, gorgeous lady.
    My favorite has to be the grown man in the crib. He is the BHE. Or at least one of them.

  5. I could just eat up all those pictures! I'm gonna go tease Deanna on FB about what a doll faced child she was! (much cuter that that doll she's holding!)

  6. Sorry Dr. Manning; I never ever self promote my blog in the comments section of someone else's. But I wrote this post after reading yours and I want you to see it. I would really appreciate it if you'd take a look at it.

  7. Oh my lord #5 is the best. hahaha it makes me want to pick him up and give him the biggest squeeze of a hug. your boys are adorable!

  8. These photos are wonderful -- thank you for making my day better! I especially love the grown man in the crib -- reminds me of my husband, anything for a nap!! :)
    I also loved the 2nd year small group (I have a son about to start med school, and I am so interested to see glimpses!). Love your blog; so glad I found it!


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