Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Top Ten: Yay!

Courtesy of the "Zach Cam"

Yay!  The Thursday Top Ten is finally up!

Dang, is it almost 10 p.m. already? My bad.  It's been a busy week. I'm talking super-cali-fragi-listic-expi-ali-docious busy.  Deadlines to make. Commitments to keep. Things to do. People to see. You know. . . all that stuff that goes into being grown. 

Anyways. Despite my hectic week, I still found several reasons to say, "Yay!" throughout it.

Wait, huh?

Here's the thing: The word "yay!" is one of those things that instantly makes you feel good whether you're the yay-er or the yay-ee.  Man. . . . I "yay" at work, at home, at my kids' schools, while reading, over email, over text messages and just about anywhere else deserving of a "yay." I'm telling you. . .  There's something about that word that automatically forces you to smile. Go ahead. . . try it. . . .I'll wait. . . . .(deep breath and say it out loud). . . "Yay!" . . . .(this time with a gleeful clap of your hands). . . . "YAY!!"

See? Told you.

The range of possibilities are endless with yay. . .from the tiniest "yay" that you give a friend who secretly tells you at 5 1/2 weeks that she's pregnant . . . . . to the loud and obnoxious ("Yippee-yo-ah)YAAAAY!" Isaiah said tonight when I told him he could watch thirty minutes of weeknight television, it doesn't matter how big or small the triumph. . . a heartfelt "yay" will always do.

Top ten reasons that I said "YAY!" this week:
#10 -  My mom sent me a text saying that she loved one of my blog posts. Wait. My mom is an avid reader of my blog, but you must understand. . .she's an avid reader period. Her eye is keen and a compliment from her is a major, major compliment when it comes to the written word. It was like getting an 'A'.  


Mom, Pictured here with her virtual bff Judge Judy.

#9 - Talking to one of my bff's and fellow Grady doctors, Lesley M.

Today we were chatting and I realized how many times we say, "Yay!" when speaking to each other. This picture of her makes me smile because I'm sure that within twenty seconds of me taking it, she said, "yay!" about something.


#8 -- Two second graders from Fernbank elementary joined me for the weekly Fox 5 Housecall.

We're constantly discussing children being unhealthy.  These two represented the many kids out there who are, in fact, leading healthy lifestyles.  Yay!

#7 -- Zachary taking pictures of me and showing me that, "See? I got you, Mommy!"

I love the Zach-cam pictures because it allows me to see the love in my eyes for him. . .which isn't usually something a mom gets to see.


#6 -- Dinner with the Carlisles.

One of my student advisees is so remarkable that I have told him repeatedly that "I must sit down with your parents some day to find out how they raised you."  After four years of me saying that, he finally arranged it.  What a delight!

Now I know exactly why their son is the way that he is.  Yay.

#5 -- Rocky is still smoke-free!

Rocky works in our office building. He has been smoking for years and has been trying to quit for nearly as long. He recently stopped and I know how hard it's been for him.  Every time I see him, this is his way of letting me know how it's all going: 


#4  --  Opening up a gift from Hreem, one of my graduating med student advisees, that had this lovely scarf that she brought me back all the way from India!  Yay.

Wish this Zach-cam picture did it justice!

#3  --  Giving a speech to a room full of high school students about the life of one of my heroes: My dad. The theme? Let your life be someone's mentor. Thanks, Poopdeck.


#2  --  The final Small Group session with my senior medical students at my house tonight.  It was a full circle moment. Literally.

A perfect evening. Complete with "the ugly cry."



#1 -- The B.H.E. 

Sunday will mark seven years of wedded bliss for Harry and me.  Yeah, yeah. Roll your eyes and say, "Y'all don't know nothin' 'bout no marriage yet!" I'll give you that.  But even if I give you that, you can't take this away:

I have a good man.

Yeah, I said it. Matter of fact, it sounded so nice, I think I'll say it twice. That Harry? Shoooot. He's a good man.  Naaw, I didn't say perfect--I said good.  Because he is good. He's consistently good to me and good to people and good to us.

And to that I sho' nuff say, "Yay."

Hoping you find the "yay" in your day.


Happy Thursday.

Bonus shot:  Isaiah figures out the bubble wand. Yay!


  1. I get my 'Yay' on with regularity.

    I love the way the little girl sitting next to you in the Fox 5 pic is looking at you. :) People who've been together for a long time really do start looking alike, huh? (the Carlisles).

    Happy anniversary! Yay! Cheers to you and your family and to many, many more happy years together.

  2. I was waiting patiently for your Thursday top 10. You did it justice :o) Definitely worth the wait- yay!! Hooray for all your yay moments!

  3. Great Yays. I enjoyed all of the photos of the people in your life.

  4. Yup, I'm all about the "yay." #1 and #3 made my heart go "yay!" Congrats on your anniversary! It's always lovely to see couples appreciate each other.

    And I'm stealing the "let your life be your mentor line!" Yay! LOL

  5. You made a speech for high school students? Cool! Wish I had been there! :) How did you manage to score that gig? :)

  6. yay! happy anniversary. you are an inspiration.

  7. I am already going through the grieving process of the loss of SG Alpha...


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