Friday, June 22, 2012

What I've been doing besides working.

People keep asking me. What do you do for four whole weeks while your kids are out of town? I have lots of one-liners that I use to respond, but the truth is that other than admittedly working a bit too hard (not having to pick up kids can do that to you). . . . There is something else that I always do. Something that I don't get to do when my children are in town.

What's that something, you say? Well, I'll tell you.

It's "things on a whim." Without a plan for a sitter. Last minute getting-together. Longer-than-normal phone conversations. Lazy patio chat-fests over adult beverages all around Atlanta in swanky in-town neighborhoods.

On Wednesday, my friend and former Grady chief resident Julie J-M. texted me.

"What's up with you? I needs me some Kim Manning time!"

And normally that would have meant checking with Harry and kid calendars and such. But it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I was done for the day. Neil W. has been covering my in-patient service for the week of intern orientation so I was available. And actually wide open.

So I replied:

"Are you down for Murphy's in the mid-day? A little vino might be keen-o."

To which Jules replied: "Sho to the NUFF!"

We were, like, the only people in there. But that's okay. It didn't stop us from having fun.

We even had coffee afterwards. Julie called it "an upper after a downer." Something about a doctor saying that to another doctor sounded kind of questionable. Ha.

Oh yeah! Julie won her first major teaching award this year from our residents. The Golden Apple Teaching Award at the Atlanta VA Medical Center. I was super, duper proud of her because we go way back like car seats.

So we laughed. We celebrated. We caught up.

We listened to each other. We reflected.

But most of all, we did the thing that makes you your best physician--made sure to have a life. A life outside of patient care and work constraints and deadlines. A life full of rich friendships and full-bodied Malbecs and fighting over who will pay the bill.

I tried to beat her to it, but she was stealthy.

And now I am reflecting on this, one of my favorite things. . . .

Former residents and students turned friends.


Congratulations, Julie.

Your friend,

Kimberly Manning

Happy Friday.


  1. Mmm. That Malbec looks luscious. I am a self described "Wineaux" LOL

    When my nieces and nephews come to visit me in Texas on their school breaks, my sister and her husband lose their freaking minds ! They find every patio in town and engage in all kinds of adult behavior they usually have miss out on.

    Cheers to you ! Enjoy yourself

  2. How wonderful and utterly replenishing -- and it's nice to know that those little handsome guys of yours are somewhere in my dear city with their dear grandpa!

  3. Loved this entry and so glad you're able to find the time to meet old friends and just "be" with each other. That's so good and so important!

    I love the entries from Camp PaPa too though and am smiling at the thought of your little guys and your Dad having fun, enjoying each other!

    Jae in Clayton, NC

  4. All work and no wine makes Dr. Manning a little less joyful :)
    So happy to see you both so happy. Thanks for sharing the smiles.


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