Sunday, June 17, 2012

Camp Papa Postcard Classics: Land Unlocked.

Dear Mom,

Today Papa took us to the Redondo Beach pier which, in case you didn't know, is on a real ocean. This reminds me--why don't we have the real ocean in Atlanta? Papa says that they call this "land-locked." Somebody needs to unlock Atlanta before we get back.


Isaiah, Age 7.

P.S. Zachary ordered a Sprite at the IHOP today. Even though you don't let us have soda. But I didn't. That's all.

Get the background on Camp Papa here.  Happy Father's Day, Papa!


  1. Happy Father's Day to your Papa and your BHE and your brother, and all the other men you love and cherish.

    And Isaiah... he is wonderful beyond words (and so is Zachary, of course). Someone better unlock Atlanta before they get back!!!

    Love to all of you.

    1. Love to you, too, Anush! Hope your hubby had a great day!

  2. Ha! When Zachary wanted to order a Sprite at dinner, PaPa told him, "What happens in California, stays in California!" Guess who else had one?

    1. Mmmmm hmmm. I told PaPa don't rot my babies' teeth with soda pop but he LOL-ed at me from the deepest part of his gut.


  3. HAHAHA! Stop snitchin, Isaiah! Also, husband and I agree, Atlanta should be unlocked! Work on that!

  4. Beautiful and sweet and funny. Just love that postcard.

  5. I'm with the unlockers! Let's get some ocean in here!!! Or at least a big lake.


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