Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camp PaPa Postcard Classics: Reading is Fundamental.

Hi Mommy and Daddy,

Every morning when we get up here, PaPa makes us do some book-reading. Every morning no matter what. Before swimming, TV or any 'lectronics. 

Isaiah can read chapter books and today it a little bit felt like he was showing off. But that's okay because I am only going to the kinner-garten and he is going to the whole second-grade. So I don't care if he can read a chapter book.

PaPa said I'm a good reader 'specially to be going to kinner-garten. But you know what? By the time I'm going to the whole second-grade I told PaPa that I'm gonna be able to read the Harry Potter books. 

All of them. PaPa says he thinks I can do it.


Zachary, Age 5 1/2



  1. I love how he's blowing on his little hand - my son does that!

    My son is going into second and is halfway through The Sorcerer's Stone - so tell your little guy that it's totally an attainable goal!

  2. Of course he will!

    Maria, fellow Meharrian

  3. I see the 64 crayon pack on the desk with the sharpener in the back. Loved Christmas because I would always get a new box. Do you send supplies or is Camp PaPa "all inclusive" juice boxes and all.?


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