Sunday, June 24, 2012

Top Ten: Roller Coaster of Love!

Well. Last week was a good week. A full week, no less, but a good one. As I mentioned in my last post--I've been making the most out of my time.  This week involved a very nice blend of both work and play.

Matter o' fact, I wrote a little top ten about it.  Like to hear it? Here it go!

Which reminds me.

Every time I say those words "Like to hear it? Here it go!" make sure you imagine it in the Calhoun Tubbs voice -- not mine, okay? Because that's how I'm saying it. Just saying.

Too young to know who that is? Here you go.

You can thank me later.

Now. I bring you. . .


#10 -- Welcoming a batch of new interns

I LOVE the beginning of our academic year precisely for this reason. Meeting new interns and imagining how much they are about to grow before my eyes is the cat's pajamas, I tell you.

So far, they seem like an awesome bunch. Very diverse, very accomplished but more important, very excited about taking care of patients! They were gracious during all of the obligatory blah-blah-blah that we bombard them with in that first week.


#9 -- Catching with David M.

David M. is quite possibly busier than President Obama. And out of town speaking more than Mr. President. (He's also equally as easy on the ol' eyeballs . . . .but I--cough--digress.)

I finally pinned David down for some lazy afternoon laughs last week. We LOL-ed until our stomachs were sore. We talked about our professional lives and about our personal lives.  And that was cool since even though we are work-friends, more than that we are simply friends. I asked annoying questions about his man-friend that I've rooted for since day one. He asked me about the BHE and heard all about what was new with Team Manning. I asked him what was next for him as the world's greatest HIV-in-black-men expert. He asked me about what I was writing these days.

Then he took a picture and tzujj-ed it all up on this things called "Instagram" that admittedly, I do not understand at all. (Kind of like Facebook, but pictures? Sorta? Kinda? Sigh.)

Anywho. That was a great part of my week because David inspires me.

#8  -- Being serenaded. Sort of.

I've been so many places.
I've seen so many things--but none quite as lovely as you.
More beautiful than the Mona Lisa, worth more than gold. . 
. . that my eyes have the pleasure just to behold.

You're my latest. . .and my greatest. . .my latest my greatest inspiration.

Things never looked clearer.
Peace within never felt nearer.
My burden's gone and turned into a song.
Tender as a baby's touch--I needed you oh so much.
At last, the Lord saw light.

You're my latest and my greatest--my latest, my greatest inspiration.

I plan to give you all that I have
I'll be everything. . .everything you think I am.
You make life a joy to live.
And I'm thankful--yes, I'm blessed--just to know you. . . . 

~ Teddy Pendergrass

Okay seriously?

So this old school song by Teddy P.  has obviously been playing on Harry's mental iPod this week because he kept singing it to me and all around our house at the top of his lungs. We subsequently downloaded it and played it no less than five trillion times this week.

I especially love the part where he starts freestyling and crooning out, "You inspire me! You inspire me!"

Because that's how I feel about the BHE. I think I could listen to that throaty, soulful song twelve trillion more times. . . and think I will now.

Seriously? Seriously.

#7  -- Full circle moment.

This picture was taken in 1996 when I was a medical student. Next to me is my friend, Yolanda W., who is also a Grady doctor with Morehouse School of Medicine. (Grady Hospital is staffed by physicians from both Emory University School of Medicine and Morehouse School of Medicine.)

Yolanda oversees the residency programs there and, of course, since we're such good and old friends, we never hesitate to tap into one another for resident education needs. She's super gracious with giving lectures for us at Emory in her area of expertise (adolescent health), so it's a no-brainer whenever she calls on me.

MSOM, last week

Last week, I gave a lecture on medical professionalism to the incoming interns at Morehouse as a part of their resident orientation. My talk was at 9 that morning, and following me on the schedule was the president of Morehouse School of Medicine, Dr. John Maupin.

Okay--let me give you some quick background. Dr. Maupin was the president at Meharry Medical College when Yolanda and I were still there as students. At the end of my lecture, the two of us (Yolanda and me) were standing at the front of the room side by side fielding questions. When Dr. Maupin got up to speak, he looked at us like a proud papa would. His eyes were almost wet with emotion.

"I remember these two as medical students like it was yesterday. What a special moment it is to see them all grown up and giving back."

And he said that like he meant it.

 That was a good part of my week, too.

#5 -- Photos from Camp PaPa

'Nuff said.

#4 -- Key Lime Pie and College BFFs

(from Instagram--I'm a fast learn.)

These two ridiculously gorgeous women happen to be two of my closest girlfriends. Joy (in the black) and MarraKesha (in the yellow) went to college with me at Tuskegee University and we all pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority together twenty years ago. 

Twenty years ago!

Yeah, so being with them is like wearing my Ugg boots and my fuzzy Paul Frank pajama pants--easy and comfortable. No need to censor my words or wonder if they'll think I'm weird.  Because our adult friendship has evolved to something much deeper than the already deep sorority bond we shared as college girls.

MarraKesha, me, and (our other line sister, Tasha)

Or even ten years ago.

10th Line Anniversary, 2002

We call each other close friends who found each other through our sorority. And honestly? We love being Delta girls. But that's such a tiny part of the relationships we have forged outside of our pledge line reunions and homecoming celebrations.

So much more.
Joy's wedding day, 1998

So last night we laughed. And talked. 

And split a perfect slice of Key Lime pie.


#3 -- Even MORE BFF time!

I had some absolutely perfect time with my Grady BFF, Lesley M. this weekend, too. 
I know! Aren't you just loving all this meaningful friend-time I've been carving out? 

So here's what's funny. We met at this super cute and swanky coffee shop in downtown Decatur which is funny since Lesley M. doesn't even drink coffee!  

See? But she knows how much I love it so even though she may not admit it, I think she did that just for me.

For over two hours, we sat and talked and listened to one another. We got our "upload" from one another and as Lesley said, "All this does is leave us wanting more."

It was as wonderful as it sounds.

#2  --  My cup runneth over.

Received this from a medical student this week.

And cried the minute I saw it.

Joelle R.?  Thank you for getting my quirky way of teaching. Thank you for understanding the "My mama rule" and for providing me with this thoughtful affirmation. Every time I drink from this cup, I will try harder and will teach and role model with more intention.

Thank you for inspiring me, too.

#1  -- Roller Coaster. . . .of love with my favorite Ohio player!  Woo-hooooo-hooo- hooooo!

So I bet you are looking at all of this and thinking--HEY! What's with all these get-togethers with everyone except the BHE?!

Maaan, please.  On Friday, we had the best date ever.

Starting with.. . . .

Six Flags! Sans bebes! Woo-hooooo!

I left work early and so did Harry. We headed over to Six Flags over Atlanta for some old school fun on roller coasters and log jammer rides.

And of course with ridiculously fattening funnel cakes!

I ate the whole funnel cake by myself since Harry tried to go all health-nutty on me asking if it was deep fried. Uhhh, doesn't he realize that nothing has calories if you paid seven hundred and fifty dollars for it in an amusement park? Hello?!

I kept trying to get these guys to talk to me. But they were steadfast to the rules of staying in character.

"Are y'all, like, ridiculously hot in there?"

And they just did the head-bob thing that character people do. Harry said that was an obnoxious question, that's why they didn't answer.

Hmmmm. Maybe.

He is so over my camera!

Harry demonstrated that he is a winner in more ways than I even realized. He won that basketball on the first try. Go BHE!  

We headed to the biggest mama-jamma in the park -- "The Goliath."  That sucker was serious business. 

And how awesome was it that all of the lines were pretty much non-existent this day? We waited fifteen minutes tops for all rides including this one. So awesome.

The BHE was at his R-MAX (roller coaster maximum) but his wife had a sixth-grader second wind and wanted MORE! MORE! MORE!

When I pointed at this puppy, he had three words for me:

"Aww hells naw!"

With a ten minute line, don't think I didn't deuce him out and go BY MY OWN-SELF.

Mmm hmmm. Surely did.

You can't tell but me and this lady next to me waited in the line to sit in the FRONT row of the roller coaster.  She was super scared but I wasn't.


So. Much. Fun.

Next? We went to the W Hotel downtown for an Atlanta "stay-cation." Here's the view from where we had dinner that night.

How cool is that?

This is from the swanky pool on the sixteenth floor. There was a DJ up there and everything. We were so crazy-sexy-cool, I tell ya.

The next morning we hung out and were lazy.

Loved this picture of the BHE's ring on the hotel nightstand. It felt so tryst-y and naughty.


We finished that morning up with a visit to the hotel spa (Bliss Spa) and after checking out had some breakfast at one of our favorite places to eat (Another Broken Egg.)

And NO, we don't go to spas all the time or pretty much ever unless it involves a gift card or a vacation. But we decided that this was a vacation so we decided to go for it.

So glad we did.

Happy Sunday, to all of y'all.

Now playing on my mental iPod. . . . Roller coaster of love by the Ohio Players!


  1. I feel all tingly now. Okay, even more than I did. Been a good weekend for me and MY BHE, too.
    Oh child. Wish you were here to have some blackberry pie.
    Love you...M

    1. Oh Sister Moon! I love you, too. And I totally wish I was there for that blackberry pie because I know that there is love all up in every bite.

      Muah to you and especially to Gibson and Owen.

  2. Random comments: #5 - I wish my Dadddy was still here to run summer camp for my daughter :( , #4 - Black don't crack, ya'll look great, and #1 - double yeah on the funnel cake, and a TRIPLE hells naw on the coaster! You bad, LOL!!!!

    1. Funnel Cake is the truth. Just saying.

      Ha ha . . . I'm nice on the roller coasters. Next time I'm going with the medical students!

  3. Dr. Manning it looks like you had the best week ever!! You're a great example of balancing work and play. As my mama, a fellow doc, says, "work harder!"

    (p.s. As per my mama, I employ the family member rule too, every patient is treated like my mama, daddy, uncle, aunt etc.)

    ~Riz, MSM M4

    1. Hey Charisma! You are so fortunate to have Dr. Wimberly on the MSM faculty teaching you. Glad you already understand the "my mama rule."

      Can't believe you're already an M-freakin'-4!

  4. You never fail to make me smile....

  5. Great pictures! Looks like you are living a very busy but full and joyful life! :-)Have a wonderful week!


    1. Awww! Blessings to you, too, Jill. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  6. GAWD, this was a good post!!!!!!! And Dr.Maupin! Yay to Meharry Medical College Physicians bringing it full circle! Have the best.week.ever.

    Maria, fellow Meharrian

    1. Girrrrl! Don't Dr. Maupin look great!? (Yes, people. I meant to say "DON'T DR. MAUPIN LOOK GREAT" instead of "DOESN'T DR. MAUPIN LOOK GREAT" because if I was talking to her in person, I'd say it JUST LIKE THAT.)

      Wish you'd been there with us.

  7. Let's see, you are a famous, honored physician/teacher, a beautiful woman/wife/mamma, a great friend, an elegant writer and YOU AREN'T AFRAID OF ROLLERCOASTERS. Is there anything else? I do NOT find it fun to be scared witless so amusement parks are not my thing, but I am glad you and BHE relaxed and enjoyed each other's company. Also loved the coffee cup.

    1. I was bad ass on those 'coasters, if I do say so myself. For reals.

      How sweet was that mug? For real? And she made it. Made it. Went to a ceramic shop and painted it and made it herself. So. So. Sweet.

  8. Love, love, LOVE this!! (Also, up until now, every time you wrote "Like to hear it? Here it go!", I heard En Vogue from the very beginning of Free Your Mind.) :)

    Glad you had such a fun week.

    1. Hey Cathy! For the record--En Vogue got that from CALHOUN TUBBS--hello?!?!

      David and I were talking about how much we both heart you! :)

    2. Ha! I realized that as soon as you posted about Calhoun Tubbs... betraying my own ignorance, I never knew that wasn't a Funky Divas original. :) And the only thing better than you or that other Dr. M is the two of you together... esp with your kung-fu poses. :)

  9. Any post that includes pictures of David is alright with me! :-) Loved it!

  10. So jealous of your wonderful week!! I wish I could tell u mine was glamorous... But I've been covered in newborn spit up! Haha. :-). I miss u! So glad u are enjoying some "me" time while the boys are at camp papa.

  11. I love... no, really LOVE... this post!


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