Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This woman.

Some heroes don't wear capes.

This woman is one of the smartest people I know.
This woman is one of the hardest working people I know.
This woman is one of the most humble people I know.
This woman is one of the strongest and most bad-ass people I know.

She sure is.

And if I didn't think she'd punch me in my arm--HARD--I, like, would tell you that she won not two but THREE major awards this year at our institution. I'd gush all about how she was publicly recognized for it today and how I got eerily close to the pre-ugly cry since I was so proud of her. I mean, if I didn't think she'd turn beet red, I would TOTALLY, like, say that one of those awards was, like, the super-teacher-of-your-whole-hospital award and that the other was like the super-educator-of-the-whole-department-of-medicine award. 

Oh? And if I really, really felt like being obnoxious, I'd even blab all about how the OTHER one was, like, the big, bad super-awesome-service award of, like, our whole department. 

Which is a really, really big department. For real.

I mean, I would. But I won't because she's so humble that it would mortify her. And get me a scathing text message or two about how I have a REALLY BIG MOUTH.

So I won't do any of that. I mean, noooooo, not me. 

Instead I'll just tell her what I hope she tells herself when she looks in the mirror when she wakes up tomorrow morning:

"You are awesome. You are smart. You are a rock star. You are a hero. You are deserving. You are enough."

or if all of that is too much, at least this:


Congratulations, Wendy. It's great to see good things happen to good people.


Happy Wednesday.

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