Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree.

The Grady Hospital version of Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree.
(Thank you to my fellow Grady doctor Lesley M. for this most blogworthy iPhone shot!)

I am totally putting a big a-- red ornament on the that sucker the MINUTE I get to work tomorrow.


Man, I love this place.

 Now playing on my mental iPod. . . . what y'all know about this?

Observations after watching this video:
  1. Charlie Brown may have met criteria for either depression or at least dysthymia.
  2. Snoopy is that dude.
  3. Linus is an old man trapped in a seven year old's body.
  4. Somebody should have called Department of Family and Child Services on PigPen's parents.
  5. I just remembered that Franklin didn't integrate the Peanuts until the late 1960's. Dang. 


    1. Is that a bonsai tree suffering from the plant version of anorexia? A nice red ornament will definitely cure it of its ills. :)

    2. I am currently co-directing "You Are a Good Man Charlie Brown".

      I have told the actress playing Charlie Brown to not play it sad. Charlie Brown BELIEVES. It just doesn't always work out for him. But he tries and tries again.

      I have told Snoopy to stop trying to bite people. He is Man's Best Friend.

      I have told Linus that his blanket and thumb sucking are OK because the thoughts in his head are peaceful.

      I have told Lucy that she isn't bossy. She is Narcissistic.

      I told Woodstock (who has no lines) that she is the most important part of the show.


    3. I adore the tree. So perfect.

      As for the Peanuts gang -- you should listen to some of the interviews of the late Charles Schultz. So interesting, so weird.


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