Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fast Forward.

My dad always says he wishes he could record Isaiah and Zachary's conversations for a reality radio show. I am starting to think that he just might be on to something.

From the backseat of my car on the ride from school yesterday. . . .

Isaiah:  I don't like it when people keep asking me if I am going to have a girlfriend or if I have a girlfriend. Papa and Daddy always say that. And I don't want a girlfriend so they shouldn't say that.

Zachary:  Yeah, Mom. We don't want a girlfriend.

Me:  When you get older I have a feeling you guys might change your tune.

Isaiah:  No. I'm not going to have a girlfriend. I'm just going to have a wife. That's it.

Zachary:  Me, too. Just a wife and she's going to make me some coffee.


Zachary:  And pack the lunches.


Isaiah:  Mom? Would you be mad if my wife has long hair?

Zachary:  My wife might be a firefighter. Or a doctor.

Isaiah:  Well, mine is going to have long hair and sometimes put it in a pony tail.

Zachary:  Mine is going to have short hair. Or maybe brown hair.

Isaiah: Maybe she'll have short, brown hair. And freckles.

Zachary:  Freckles!

Isaiah:  Mom? How did you get freckles?

Zachary:  Eeeeew, then you have to kiss her under the mistletoe!

Isaiah:  Hey mom? Can we drop our kids off over here?

Zachary:  My kids are coming over here every day!

Isaiah:  I think we are going to have two boy babies but also two girl babies.

Zachary: Yuck. My wife is only going to have boys babies from her tummy.

Isaiah:  They actually come out of the mommy's butt. Not her tummy.

Zachary:  Out of her boooty??? Eeeeewww!

Isaiah:  Hey Mom? Do moms cry when boys get married?

Zachary:  You can wear a tuskedo when you get married. But you need to get a haircut.

Isaiah:  Mom? Will you be sad when we get married?

Me:  Only if you don't have a job. And you try to move in here.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Um. Doctor Mother, I think you need to tell your boys about women's various parts.
    One of the things I do that cracks me up is to ask really young kids if they're married. They always look at me like I'm insane. I figure this establishes the truth right away.

  2. Love it !
    Kids say the darnest things...

  3. THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Your blog makes me smile everytime I read it!!! Happy Tuesday!

  4. Out of the mouths of babies.

    I would so watch that show.

    Your response? Beautiful!


  5. Good for them for speaking up about the girlfriend acquirement question. We never liked it when people asked that of my boys. How many adults ask little girls, "Do you have a boyfriend yet?" Cuz eeeeeww. So why is it OK to ask little boys if they have a girlfriend yet.

    OK, morning rant over, but you gotta admit I have a point.

    P.S. If my husband pondered as a child about having a wife who makes coffee and packs the lunches, he got his dream come true.

  6. What an interesting conversation!!! How did you keep a straight face? Kids are naturally funny and they don't even know it! I love it!

    Crystal/ Front/ Inc.

  7. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! This made my morning!!! TOO FUNNY!!!

    See you in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!


  8. I love it. You could have a new version of Car Talk!

  9. These coversations sometimes stick with kids more than you realize... I was raised by a single mother who told me I needed to be able to support myself and not count on having a husband to support me. My husband was taught to cook by his mother who said he should not count on getting married and having a wife to cook for him... now I am our only income and he's home with the kids... funny how things work out.

  10. Bwahaha! Love this convo!

  11. Hi-larious. But also touching. You and the hubs have obviously modeled marriage as the optimum choice and they are ready to fast forward to the wedding.
    x0 N2


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