Friday, December 9, 2011

Computer love.

A box. A simple brown box. But inside? Nothing simple at all. Inside of that box was all kinds of holiday cheer, do you hear me? Enough to get me doing the full on happy dance complete with break dance moves.


My dad has taken my rotten apple MacBook No and . . .gasp. . . . replaced it. Yes. My father has replaced his 41 year-old daughter's laptop. 

But that's not all he did.

He found an awesome refurbished one, which to me feels both like perfectly new and like I'm doing something good. Talk about win win, man.  And. AND, AND, AND. He got every last thing off of my MacBook No hard drive and miraculously has it ALL on this upgraded MacBook Whoa! Down to even the last things I downloaded in my downloads!

Okay, Dad? You = The Best.

Awwww shoot. . . . . I feel it happening again. . . . pardon me while I break out in my happy dance again. This time complete with the cabbage patch, the running man, and the troop. (Feel free to shout "Go Manning! Go Manning!" in that sing-song-y, chant-y way folks do when they want you to keep dancing.)

Or . . . . better yet, let me slow it down to this:

Oh man! That's the perfect song for my mental iPod right now!

(Picture me making googly eyes while rubbing my MacBook Whoa and also doing a quasi-seductive little dance in my ratty robe and Ugg boots. . . .)

Man. I am laughing my head off right now. See? This is why I should never have a morning off.


All is well with the world.  What's going on with y'all today?
Happy Friday.

(Oh, and in case you need a visual for my happy dances, please check this video out of one of my favorite former Grady pharmacists kicking some old school dances. Yes. This dude is not only a brilliant PharmD, but also has moves to rival J. Lo in her Living Color days, for real. Although I'm not nearly as good a dancer as he, this is an excellent representation of how I displayed my elation last night. Woo hooooo!)


  1. THANKS FOR WATCHING!??!?!? Okay, Dr. Manning, you have got to help a seriously white girl out here! The only one I recognized was the bus driver. What were all the other ones? :) So thrilled for your dad's generosity towards you! You are very lucky to have him.

  2. GO MANNING!!! I'm chanting that between dance moves. I'm busing a mean 2 arm wop, a serious full body snake and a hard dougie!!! Your dad ROCKS!! Enjoy your new computer.

  3. Okay so let's just start with your dad is the best! And this guy is the best dancer!!
    1)Troop or Robocop
    3)Can't think of the name, but I did the dance :)
    4)Running Man
    6)Don't know, but did it at a party or 10 (LOL)
    7)Whoop (sp)
    8)Prep (he was doing the darn thing)
    10)Did that one too
    12)Bankhead Bounce
    13)Not from the "A" but the "I" INGLE-WOOOODDD

  4. Your dad is absolutely awesome.

    I loved the dancer...I remembered all of those moves even if my uncoordinated butt never did did public anyway.


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