Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Yesterday I

  • Woke up extra early to have a moment to myself at the kitchen table -- peaceful.
  • Dived on top of Isaiah's bed and next, Zachary's bed covering them both with early morning kisses -- delightful.
  • With Harry's assistance, had the boys ready for school in record time and paused to appreciate having a dude with hands that are very much on the kid-deck -- helpful.
  • Drove to work listening to the radio which seemed to keep playing Mr. Herman Cain's public announcement about his wife, stepping out of the race, and all that -- lawd. . . .painful.
  • Looked at an emoticon-laced text message from my younger sister with multiple kiss-blowing happy faces -- thoughtful.
  • Jumped right in at the clinic where the residents all were working hard. One gentleman was stuck in a ton of traffic and asked the resident doctor if he could still be seen. Even though the patient was over one hour late and it would make his doctor work straight through lunch. His doctor said, "I believe him; I'll see him."  -- dutiful.
  • Saw a woman helping her ninety-something year old mama up onto the examining table. She said, "I always bring mama to every single visit 'cause she took such good care of me."  -- respectful.
  • Smiled as I watched everyone in our clinic session interacting with one of our brand new Grady faculty doctors -- it was her first day. Every few moments, someone would turn and chat with her or ask if she was doing okay.  One resident said, "We just want you to feel welcome."  -- mindful.
  • Finished up the session early and actually got out of Grady at 5 PM on a Monday -- unusual.
  • Saw one of my F.P.'s standing on the corner as I walked out smiling at me. I love how her deep brown skin contrasts her fine white hair, so I told her.  . . .beautiful.
  • Listened to the radio a little more and wondered who might be the next president -- frightful.
  • Called Harry to hear about his day -- uneventful.
  • Got to each of the kids and asked Isaiah how his day went and he specifically said, "Wonderful."
  • Broke bread with my family as our Christmas tree flickered behind us. The kids said their rhyming grace and Isaiah said, "Did you know that if someone lives in a shelter and it's full that they might have to sleep in a car? I learned that in school one day."  And Zachary said, "What if you don't even have a car?"  And after that, nobody said anything.  -- insightful.
  • Settled the kids down, settled myself down, and curled up on the couch with my e-reader. Put that down instead and watched almost two and a half hours of pre-recorded episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta -- sinful.
  • Chatted with Harry in bed until I started to feel my lids get heavy. Listened to him speak of the economy but in the same breath say how fortunate we are to have all that we have.  Glass. . . .half full.
  • Said a prayer in my head and replayed my full day. . . . . . ignoring the parts that were painful or fretful. . . and allowed myself to fall asleep feeling joyful. 
Happy Tuesday.

Now playing this morning on my mental iPod. . . . a song I sing often to my kids. . .and that makes me think of my hardworking husband.


  1. I love this.
    Good morning & Happy Tuesday.
    I'm dedicating this day to Ryan White... thanks for the reminder yesterday.


  2. Your life seems so perfect. Aww I wish mine were. If nothing else, this blog gives me hope that at some point I might have all that I wish for.

  3. Very fun and cool post. On a frivolous note, can we have more posts about the delicious David M.????? :)

  4. Sister Moon- :)

    Biz - Thank you for remembering.

    Anon -- My life is totally not perfect. I just try to appreciate it so I find the pockets of perfect!

    Anon2-- Ooohhh, David is special isn't he? Hee hee.

  5. Just saw your comments on AC360...WOW!!! You are one impressive sister! God Bless you and your family. Keep serving, Keep saving lives....Keep enjoying your family!

    God Bless!

    Kelvin Walker -- Plano, TX

  6. where is this place where I can get my shoes and bags repaired? I will drive to support you and BHE and puppy mafia XXXX

  7. Kelvin -- Thanks so much for those kind words. God bless you, too.

    Dr. Toni -- Hey there,sister! Thanks for stopping by -- your comments felt like two hugs.

    Anon -- Oh man, thanks so much. The BHE sold the shoe repair/alterations spot several years back, but MAN!You have a great memory!! :) He is now in real estate investment and you know how crazy all of that is these days! But that's okay . ... glass always half full. Always.


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