Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mom vs Verminoid

There's a chipmunk in my gee-rage
I'm not-so-glad to tell
For to me he's still a rodent
Despite his strip-ed tail

My husband finds it funny
But me? I'm not amused
'cause early morning run-ins
keep giving me the blues

A crack allows his entry
At the bottom of the door
A little strip of sunlight where it's not flush with the floor

He hangs out by the jog stroller
Or over by the paint
Isaiah thinks it's super cool
His mama says, "It ain't."

I told the critter-control man
of Alvin in my space
He said, "Well, I could lay a trap."
And oh! Isaiah's face!

I kicked the kids out of the room
then asked him with a sigh,
"So trapping him is killing him?"
A nod was his reply.

"I don't see any droppings
or damage here, persay."
I said, "But he's a rodent
And rodents cannot stay."

"I know that he's a rodent
and I know he gets you squirmin',"
he said, "But Mrs. Manning,
he technically isn't vermin."

"It's just a little chipmunk!"
he said, like that was that
But to me this "little chipmunk"
looks 'zactly like a rat.

Well, short of getting a new door
or trapping him in glue
I am now out of options
There's not much I can do.

He's lived here now
for quite some time
and keeps a real low pro'
Chillin' by the stroller
and going with the flow

A chipmunk's in my gee-rage
I'm not-so-glad to say
and yes, he is a rodent
But damn, he's here to stay.


Happy Sunday.

(Read about my first adventure with Alvin here.)

And now playing on my mental iPod. .. of course. . .


  1. Heh-heh. I love it.
    Honey, just accept the chipmunk. Believe me- it could be SO much worse.

  2. maybe so... but it looks like a rodent to me. I'm feeling like elimination!

    Barbara from TX


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