Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Day We Were Born.

On our wedding anniversary this year, Isaiah told me that it was a special day for our whole family.

"It's the day our family was born, Mom," he said with that serious Isaiah-face. He went on to tell me that, for this reason, we should always see our wedding anniversary as "our family's birthday."

No matter what.

Good ol' Isaiah.

Well, today is another family birthday. On July 23, 1966, my parents were married. And you know what? I think Isaiah was right. This day is a special day for our whole family. No. Our parents' amicable separation and subsequent (very meaningfully redefined) relationship does not negate this being a special day either. And yes. The unconventional nature of their arrangement has, at times, made us unsure of what to do or how to regard July 23.

But not any more.

Because July 23, 1966 was the day our family--this family--was born. And here's what's cool. How a family is born varies from family to family. Some families are first born one way and then born again in some other kind of way--- and that's okay. Families grow and families change and families evolve. Sometimes it's totally fairy tale and sometimes it completely isn't. Well sort of. Because your fairy tale is your fairy tale and that's all that matters. As long as there's love in the family, you and your family make the rules.

For our family, the one that was born on July 23,1966, this works. And for our family? There is definitely love all up in it. Yes. This is our fairy tale.

Happy Birthday to our family. So glad we were born.

Hope you and your family--however that is defined--are enjoying your weekend, too.


  1. I think fairy tales have many happily ever afters. Even though it may not be the one you imagined it would be at one time, that doesn't mean it's not a good one. We are both well and happy and the best of friends. We love each other and our children - and we adore our grandchildren. July 23rd will always be a special day for all of us.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to a lovely family. May you always bask in the radiant warmth of each other's love.


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