Saturday, July 9, 2011

The blog-ghost.

This or a ghost. (Wait-- I don't even have a cat.)

Hey y'all!

Quick question to my fellow bloggers out there. . . .

Have any of y'all ever put up a post and somehow went back to view your blog later. . . only to find it somehow was different than you left it? Almost like a little blogging-ghost had logged onto your "compose" page and remixed all the heartfelt nonsense you'd so diligently typed for the world to not read?

For real?

Well, me too. I promise you. . . I put up my last post and then left my house to go to a cook out. Since this post was my first and only guest post from a fellow Grady doctor and friend, I was kind of picky about making sure it was just right and how I wanted it. Anyways, I get it all prettified and hyperlinkified and off I go.

How happy was I when not long after I'd posted it, a comment came. (Unlike you good people who get twenty seven trillion comments per post, I do a little happy clap for every last comment--for real.) So, yeah, like I said, in comes this comment and I go ahead and publish it.

A few hours later, my friend the guest poster Neil W. (who was equally giddy about this whole thing) texted me and said, "Post looks great! Changed your mind about the commentary at the end?"

And I was like, "Say whaaa?"

So without delay, I pull out my iPhone and go to my blog. . . .only to find. . .HUSH YO' MOUTH. . . that some kind of blog-ghost had hacked into my post. That or I accidentally did it---but personally, I like the idea of a blog-ghost better, don't you?

Anyways. If--and seeing as I checked my stats which suggests that this does not apply to many of you --but IF you by chance already read "Duty Hours Pre-Form 2: No Sleep 'Til (or in) Brooklyn" -- then make sure you go back and read the part that the blog-ghost cut out. Essentially, that's everything after the picture of Neil and Tamara W. now.

'Preciate you!

Just wondering. . . . am I the only victim of the blog-ghost? And also, does the blog-ghost only live on blogger or does he also strike on wordpress? I'm just wondering. . . . .

Happy Saturday . . . . again. :)


  1. Your blog ghost also ate my comment... I think. It gave me an error message after I posted the comment, but I couldn't be sure if it sent the comment to you or not (before giving the error). Now that you have come back and checked your blog and my comment is nowhere in sight I am assuming the blog ghost was super hungry. Trying again...

  2. Hm. I'm pretty sure there isn't anything new from when I read it earlier in my google reader. Maybe it just didn't post correctly on your blog? :)

  3. I don't think this has ever happened to me. I hope it hasn't. Guess I'll have to go back and re-read...and hope I remember what I had there in the first place.

  4. Anush-- the blog-ghost actually prefers to eat comments. He even blocks people from commenting altogether!

    Britt-- Now that sounds so logical! :) isn't the blog-ghost much more fun to imagine? That, or a cat? Thanks for the return read--you rock!

    Kristin-- okay,okay. Just maaaaaybe I could have accidentally highlighted the end of that post and deleted it on accident. I honestly don't remember doing that, but I honestly don't remember a lot of things! :) I appreciate you reading. I really do!

  5. Your blog ghost keeps me from commenting sometimes, but I have never actually lost part of a post. Sometimes the formatting gets a little off, and that bugs me.


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