Monday, July 18, 2011

Camp Papa Postcard Classics: California Dreamin'

Dear Mommy,

Here is what I learned about the beach. You can do some of your best thinking there. Especially if you have the right drinks.

Guess what? If you have to pee from all the drinks, you don't even have to go that far either. Papa says it's okay to go in the ocean because where do you think the fish go. Just not number 2.


Isaiah, age 5 and Zachary, age 3 and three fourths

P.S. Please tell the mayor of Atlanta-in-Georgia that we need a beach. But not a lake-beach but a real-ocean one, okay? Thank you. Okay bye.

P.P.S. Where do the fish go number 2? Papa said to ask you. Now this time bye okay.


  1. Which brings to mind the old WC Fields quote: "I never drink water. Fish f**k in it."

  2. Hmmm. . . I wonder if Papa told them that part. ;)

  3. Seriously, I love your kids! Not in a creepy "stranger with a fake puppy" kind of love, but in that "my heart is all warm and mushy" and "I want these kids to never stop smiling and never ever ever have to shed a tear in their healthy, happy, long lives" kind of way. I mean it. So if good energy counts for anything in this world, I am sending whole batches of it in their and your direction.


    P.S. Ms. Moon, too funny!


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