Monday, July 18, 2011

Camp Papa Postcard Classics: All You Can Eat.

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Today we ate at a place where they let you eat what you want. Like pizza and macaroni and ice cream. Except you can eat it in any order that you want. Like first, ice cream with sprinkles, and then maybe one broccoli, and then some pizza. Or maybe no broccoli. 

Papa says it's all going to the same place and that there is no such thing as a spoiled appetite. Okay, bye.


Isaiah, age 5 and Zachary, age 3 and three fourths.


  1. You really don't know how inspiring these Camp Papa posts are to me, as a grandmother. I love them so.

  2. Your Owen posts inspire me. Especially the one where he was brushing your hair that day. He has a really cool grandmother. So exciting that another is in the oven for y'all!

    Thanks for enjoying my dorky postcards! :)

  3. Papa is the king. Clearly. And i just adore this!

  4. This is wonderful on so many levels! Some things in life are truly priceless and this is certainly one of them. I wish your Dad the health, strength and motivation to hold camps for his great grandkids too.

    P.S. "Maybe one broccoli... or no broccoli..." Too funny! Oh the veggie war stories I could tell, and it sounds like you may have a few of your own too. ;)


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