Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Step One: Owning it.

I'm coaching one of our medical students for our upcoming Medical Student Teaching Competition. My assigned student, Kate P., is awesome. We've been meeting up and our energies line up perfectly. She's got spunk and great ideas. She's already a winner in my book.


This is from our pow wow last week. What was going on here was our lesson on "Owning it." (A sultry "smize" and a minimum of a 3-inch heels are required for this exercise if you're under 5'6".) Because when you speak or teach, of course, you have to OWN the stage.


And okay, okay. Maybe I exaggerate about the heel-height requirement but Kate was a good sport about it either way. And y'all already know how I feel about the whole "look good-feel good" thing.

Yes, ma'am and yes, sir.

And no, this wasn't something misogynistic or anything. I have similar conversations with my male mentees about ways to turn up swag when given the floor to speak. So, of course, it doesn't mean heels and a dress for every woman. But for me, it does. And since the point I make is that when you LOOK good, you FEEL good--and when you FEEL good, you DO good.

Or well. Hell, you get the picture.

And that Kate? She looks good, man.

Maaaaaan. Micky and Rocky Balboa don't have NOTHIN' on us.


Prime Time Deion Sanders said it best:

Thats some real talk, man.

You can learn more about our Emory Medical Student Teaching Competition here.


Here's the AMAZING highlight video from last year's Emory MSTC put together by the extremely talented Chris S. (one of our students.) Shout out to our exceptional committee of student leaders who are organizing this event and to all of the students who have participated in any way. I'm SO in awe of these guys.  (This year it's on August 5 for those at Emory!)

Happy Tuesday, y'all. #bestjobever #teamkatethegreat #emorymstc

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  1. This is a brilliant way to raise future educators, perfect for students to build confidence and hone their presentation skills. What do you advise your students who deal with stage fright and anxiety while public speaking? My fear has increased to a point where I try to avoid classes with mandatory presentations.


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