Monday, July 20, 2015

Randomida, Part 2.

"Yes, we done come a long way like them slim ass cigarettes--
from Virginia--and we don't stop so we just gon' continue."

~ Andre 3000 from Outkast

Good morning, y'all. First this:

I was in clinic the other week with these three women. We were all the physicians leading the sessions that day in the Primary Care, Liver, and Women's Clinics. As a matter of fact, the four of us were the only attending physicians on the schedule that day.


If it is lost on you, let me make it more transparent. These four women couldn't have received privileges at Grady 50 years ago. Moreover, 1972 marks the year that any woman who looks like these four even graduated from the medical school that employs them as physician leaders.

Man. If I wasn't a doctor who isn't a big fan of cigarettes, I would've lit a Virginia Slim up in that sucker and shook the ashes into the hand of anyone who doubted us.

(If you're too young to get the Virginia Slims reference, then you need to Google image it.)


What else?

Yesterday morning I scooted in early to round before church. I have this patient that I'm super worried about and I've been seeing him first in the mornings and last before I go.

"You worried about me, ain't you?" he asked.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Kinda." He chuckled. "It feel good to have somebody feeling pressed about you."

I smiled when he said that. Pressed. Press-ure suggests some oppressive obligation to care. But pressed? That was decidedly less so. "You know? I am pressed. I want you to get better."

"Me, too."

After that, I just sat there and held his hand for a little bit. I asked him what I could do for him before I left and that was his request. So I obliged him.

It made me feel less worried, holding his hand. But I'm still pressed.


Oh yes. This:

I was in L.A. last week visiting my family and caught up with an old friend.


Here's the thing---we used to be very, very, very close. And life and states sort of happened and we lost touch. Then one day I ran into someone who gave me this idea that my old friend had changed and that she wouldn't be interested in reconnecting with any people from way back when. I'm not sure why, but I allowed myself to believe that.

Nothing could have been more inaccurate. I found her a few months back on social media. And a few days ago I saw her for the first time in probably about 17 years or so.

You know what? It was as if not a single day had passed. We were completely lock step and she was exactly the same person.  Well, not exactly the same since it had been 17 years but actually, like a lot of us, even better. She was just as funny and cool and silly and great. We laughed out loud and never missed a beat.


Jocelyn P. used to be my roommate during my first year of medical school. She was in Jack and Jill with me as a kid and was one of my very best friends growing up. I am not so much ashamed of us drifting but I am ashamed that I let someone hold me from trying to reach out based on a random report from someone I never talk to.

I learned something that day. Just another reminder to go with my gut, you know? I have a lot of friends like Jocelyn. Not who so much got away but who I don't always see but whom fall right into our old natural whenever we do.

It was just awesome, man. I'm so happy that we're back in stride again.


Did I tell y'all that this sweet girl is getting married? I was in L.A. for her wedding shower. It was exquisitely sweet, too. And doesn't she look beautiful and happy? And don't you just want to reach out and touch that fro of hers?


More on that soon. Nauseatingly more, actually.


Three random snapshots from Los Angeles. Why? Why not?

The first is from a perfect weather day that had me feeling oh-so-Cali-girl. The last one is from a hellacious hike JoLai and I did at Scenic Overlook mountain in Baldwin Hills. How insane is that view of the city?

And duh. Obvi I had to get the $20 "busy toe" pedicure. The lady asked what I wanted and I told her, "The most obnoxious thing you can come up with." She looked puzzled at first but seems to have gotten the idea.


I'm so in love with my husband. Good Lord that man is just meant for me. I spend half of my days swooning and the other half terrified because of the vulnerability I feel in loving him so much.

Maybe not 50/50. More like 80/20. That's more accurate.

Hey. We went to the drive in movie theater recently with the kids. It was so freaking awesome. Does anyone else still do this? Our kids loved it. And it was like $20 bucks for all of us.

Same price as the "busy toe."

Mmmmm hmmmm. What else?

Just a random photo with me and Iris W. She's one of my favorite residents. I adore her. She got asked to be a chief resident shortly after this photo was taken. Which is super awesome.

Ha. I read this thing about how taking selfies is really some sign of pathology and severe insecurity. I should have felt insecure after reading that but instead was just sort of weirdly intrigued.

I do think I love to capture how I'm feeling in a moment. Which means I take selfies.  This one above is one of my all time favorites. I had just been teaching my team and spending time with patients and nurses. I was feeling like I was in the zone and was just so, so glad to be where I was in the moment. So that expression is just that. 

In fact, I was hearing this song on my mental iPod that says: "I'm in my zone, I'm feeling it. . . ."

I sent this to my resident a few weeks ago. Why? Why not.


Do selfies mean pathology? Well. I think everybody is pathologic, me included. I'm not so sure what pathology this represents in me but--as Ms. Moon says---ah lah.

I don't have a selfie stick though.



And lastly, this.

That's all I got.

Oh, and this.


Happy Monday.


  1. Looks like a very fine life is being led. Indeed!

    1. That means so much coming from you, Sister Moon!

  2. Wait a minute! You're telling me that there are still drive-in movies in existence??

    1. Mom! Yes! It's called the Starlight Drive In and it's totally like the old school ones but with better sound quality. Our kids LOVED it.

  3. You and your selfies are the best. xoxoxo

  4. Well, at least you take exceptional selfies...

  5. I am bummed that I wasn't here in LA when you were -- I would have done that hike with you. Did you do the stairs?

    1. The stairs! OMG. WTF? We walked the path first and then after that I said, "Let's do the stairs!!" Dude. What was I thinking? JoLai said, "I'm good" and I should have gotten the memo. That was cruel and unusual. OMG talk about feeling the burn!

  6. I love this blog and your writing and every Sunday morning after church my 6 year old daughter and 72 year old mother and I hike the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. If I had seen you there I might have screamed for joy.


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