Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I approve this message.

Overheard the other day amongst a large group of kids playing tag:

Kid: Zack, you're so retarded!

Zachary:  (stops) Wait. What did you just say to me?

Kid:  Dude. I said you're retarded.

Zachary:  (scowls and shakes his head)  Dude. Seriously? Retarded? Not even cool to say that word like that. So not cool, dude.

Kid:  What? Retarded?

Zachary: Yeah, man. Not okay. And so not cool.

Kid:  Gosh. I was just playing.

Zachary:  Yeah. Well, don't play like that.

Kid:  Okay, I'm sorry. Hey! I think the girls are getting away!

Zachary: No they're not! Let's get 'em!

Both kids run off screaming. While I secretly feel like my chest might explode with pride.

Happy Wednesday.

That made me think of this. Shout out to Oliver, who's Elizabeth's son.


  1. And thus, we all learn from each other.

  2. Oh, this gave me chills. You tell that Zachary how moved and proud we are of him, how important that thing is that he did, even for our family who live so far away. Thank you, most humbly, thank you.

  3. And you question why I'm Team Zack Attack??? That's my guy!!! That other boy may pay it forward the next time he hears someone use "retarded" referring to someone or something. Good job, nephew! That was VERY COOL!


  4. And a little child will lead them. Wise words from that child. So. Not. Cool..

  5. You are Justified in your Pride of that boy, my Dear. Do tell him how cool we think he is. x0 N2


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