Sunday, April 6, 2014

Deanna's Amazing Race and other fun things.

On Saturday, I participated in this really cool event with my sorority sisters. In Deanna's memory, they put on a local version of "The Amazing Race" which, during Deanna's tenure as chair of the Physical and Mental Health committee, she'd spearheaded in prior years. This year, they changed the name of it to "Deanna's Amazing Race." It was so awesome of them to do that and I was so moved.

The other cool part was that I actually got to participate instead of work! Since Deanna and I had always worked on that committee together, at every single prior "Amazing Race" I was manning one of the challenges. This time, I got to be on a team.

Woo hoo!

Here I am with my fierce partner in crime, Symphony H. Yes, she is wearing pink and near-green to our Delta-tastic event, but that was cool because it matched her new shoes (which were cute by the way.)

We always picked the teams at random which was Deanna's vision. She saw it as an opportunity for folks to get to know each other better and bond. And you know what? It works.

Symphony and I had a GREAT time.

We look like winners, right?

 OMG. We laughed the whole time. The event consisted of a series of physical and mental health challenges. We were solid on the physical stuff but pretty raggedy on some, okay a LOT, of the mental health challenges. Ha!

Symphony and I decided that we need to brush up on the fine minutia of our Delta history. Shhhh! Don't tell our big sisters!

Or Deanna. She's be appalled by some of the questions that stumped me. Ha ha!

Us and our EPIC fail answering a bunch of hard questions. Ha!

But I'm just sayin'! Hello? I used to always call DEANNA for the answers to these kinds of questions. That's why I don't remember a lot of answers to a lot of stuff.


Peep Symph's shoes. Ha!

Dude. This was hard work! We got lost a million times and of course didn't know the answers to some (okay, a lot) of the questions. Then we ran until we were out of breath trying to find things which was exhausting. And can I say that one of the most AMAZING parts of this AMAZING race was how few strangers know directions ANYWHERE that we needed to go? So. Clueless.


I am proud to say that we didn't come in last place. With each challenge you earned a clue and a few puzzle pieces. At the end you had to put together your puzzle with all of our earned pieces. Here's our masterpiece:

 We had an AMAZING time. I love that our chapter did this and loved participating even more.

I even got some of my sorors to do some of my ridiculous jumping in the air photos for posterity. This one with "Air Marvette" below is my favorite. Talk about some hops!

It takes a certain amount of silly to pull these off. Yeah, it does.

What else?

Oh. This:

As if Deanna's Amazing Race weren't enough, today they had a crocheting event in Deanna's memory. Our sorority sisters met up -- some of whom are skilled crocheters and others who were novices -- and the plan was to knit caps for babies in the NICU.


There was a lot of crocheting. And a lot of laughter and fellowship, too.

And, of course, some silly shenanigans as always!

I crocheted pretty much nothing. Instead I just cracked jokes and tried on peoples' masterpieces. Which I told them was pretty much all I ever did when I was around Deanna and her creations. Ha.

I call this look "Doing the most--to say the very least."

 We had a blast. Deanna would have loved this activity so much.

Yeah, so that's pretty much it. It was an amazing weekend of amazing things that reminded me of how many people loved my amazing sister.

And that? That was pretty damn amazing.

Happy Sunday. Again.


  1. I love the ways that her memory is being honored. You are blessed in your community!!

  2. yes she was amazing. I hate I had to miss all the activities, but I will be there next year and already proclaiming that I am going to

  3. This was totally AWESOME! Love all of it! I used to work with Symphony at a dept store, I think Rich's, undergrad days lol.


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