Thursday, September 26, 2013

Team S.J.G.R. Thursday Huddle #13: The 7-UP Challenge.

What's up, Team? Okay, so this week's huddle is short and sweet. You ready?



I'm inviting you to join me in a 14 or 21 day challenge. I made it up in my head yesterday so you're the first to be privy to this warped little idea of mine. Dying of curiosity, are you?

Wonder no more. I bring you what I affectionately call "The 7-UP Challenge."  (No, it has nothing to do with drinking 7-UP instead of Sprite, so let that go.)

Here's how it works:

  • 14 days minimum, 21 days if you're feeling bad ass.
  • Take the stairs, not the elevator! (Relax--not twenty flights up or anything.)
  • BUT--any destination that is 7 flights up or less you have to take the stairs.
  • No elevators for anything 7 flights or less away.
  • Going DOWN the stairs is up to you. It's not so good for your knees so feel free to catch the lift for that if you'd like. 
  • Clarifications for cheaters: If you are already on the tenth floor and now you need to go to the fifteenth floor, that is five flights. You need to take the stairs. If you eventually plan to go to the eighteenth floor but you stopped on the fifteenth floor to do something, that interruption makes it under seven. STAIRS, baby.

It's as simple as that. I'm doing the 21 day version because I am hoping to ultimately make this a habit. Some experts allege that to form a perceivable change in mental outlook (or form a habit of something) you need about 21 days of something. So there you go.


So who's in? If you are, make your mark here:


(or just say so in the comment section.)

Day ONE is the day you read this post. Are you doing the 14 day version or are you feeling bad ass? What you got, people?

Oh yeah, and for those who need some incentive, here's some:

When you strengthen large muscle groups like the quads, hamstrings and glutes, your body becomes a more effective fat-burner at rest. That's why squats can make you more lean than bulky (which is always the excuse people offer when they don't want to squat or lunge.) Just imagine the ridiculous amount of fat you'll burn (and time you'll save) from hitting the stairs and not waiting on the elevator?


Happy Huddle Day! Fitbit users, let's see how many flights we can get in a day!

Oh--and in case you don't get the CHAL-LENGE!!!! reference? It's from that old Cosby Show episode with Sandman Simms . . . .here you go. (JoLai, I know you remember it. Ha ha ha!)


*You're welcome.*


  1. Oh, boy. I don't know if I am ready for this chal-Lenge! But what the hay! I can give it a try. I work on the 7th floor, but there is no admittance to the stairwell until you take the elevator up to the 2nd floor. So I am going to 5 flights every morning!

  2. Guess I'll have to go up and down my steps at home
    seven times . . .

  3. waaaa...I don't have any stairs....hardly ever! house is about an 8th of a mile from my shop...I will jog over to it instead of walking each time....21 day should about to it.


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