Wednesday, September 18, 2013

His biggest fan.
Cam Newton

Zachary:  "Daddy is always trying to get me to be excited about Cam Newton from the Panthers."

Me:  "I kind of like Cam Newton. He gives you plenty to get excited about."

Zachary:  "He's okay."

Me:  "Just okay?"
Ray Lewis

Zachary:  "I mean, I like him okay. But he's not, like. . . .like Ray Lewis from the Baltimore Ravens."

Me:  "Ray Lewis? He's your favorite?"

Zachary:  "My number one favorite of all the football players."

Me: "That's cool."

Zachary:  "Yeah, Mom. He retired last year. But he won the SuperBowl. Every time I play Madden '13 on my Wii, I'm the Ravens because I like Ray Lewis."

Me:  "Not the Falcons?"

Zachary:  "I like the Falcons a lot because that's Dad's team. But the Ravens is my team, Mom."

Me:  "Gotcha. And I guess Ray Lewis is your dude, huh?"

Zachary:  "No, Mom." Pats his chest. "I'M my dude.  I am."

And he was dead serious.

Happy Hump Day.

How do you see you? Are you your own biggest fan?Are you your own metaphorical "dude?" If you aren't, ask yourself why not? And what are you doing to change that?

"I'M my dude."  ~ Zachary Manning

(I didn't tell Zack but. . . Mommy kind of likes Cam Newton because of his easiness on the ol' eyeballs. Is that bad?)


  1. Don't forget to tell Zachy that Cam Newton was Auntie's favorite!!!


  2. Can Zach come live with me for awhile? This is the issue that I'm currently working on in therapy. That I'm "good enough", that I can trust myself and I AM all that. Glad that sweet child has that empowerment, makes me smile.

  3. The mouth of babes. You're teaching that child well. He's so handsome. Both your boys are. Well, ALL your boys.


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