Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pieces of This American Life in Pictures: Here lately.

Casual 43rd birthday girls gathering--
here with my BFF of 20+ years Lisa D.

And here with my partner in Jack and Jill crime, Kathy T.

Ran 7 miles on my 43rd birthday ('cause 4 + 3 = 7. Duh!)

Reviewing the literature in hair salon. Obvi.

The carousel at Centennial Olympic Park!
So gonna ride that soon.

Personal Statement review over breakfast with sweet Jen K.
Heart her so!

They put love into this cappuccino. Like, literally.

 Getting it in early in the morning. (Reflectors sold separately.)

Stacy H. and her team stamping out disease.

 A reminder that the future is in good hands.

 A happy day witnessing my SG Gamma girl, Courtney, saying "I do."

One of America's most drop dead gorgeous (and smart) power couples. 

White coat ceremony with SG Delta--
putting a coat on my tallest advisee!

Of course, we mean mugged the whole time. Obvi.

And smiled once everyone got their jackets.


Young, gifted and black.


A proud day.

Can't wait to watch this one become a doctor.

Fun in the park.

Brothers = built in BFFs

My partner in crime, balloon-related and otherwise.

He was getting some "inner peace"
(while at the frozen yogurt spot.)

A super proud moment watching a friend give a big lecture.

Big hugs and good people can be infectious. For real.

Sorority meeting -- first of the year.
(Yes, I'm a legit and financial Delta.)

I love his social hope and dream. It's mine, too.

Self portrait by Isaiah Manning.

Laptops. Yes, in elementary school.
(Courtesy of their Papa, not their parents.)

Learning to talk to patients

Step one: Listen. They nailed it.

I was proud of this medal.

My little Delta sister from Georgia State who aspires to be a doctor. . . .

. . and here with my other little Delta sister (and SG Delta advisee)
who will be a doctor in four years.

This was to show JoLai that I'd worked out after leaving the hair salon. Ha!

Live. Love. Savor. Celebrate. Repeat.


Happy Tuesday.


  1. Such a fabulous tour of an extraordinary and giving life. I loved every picture and every word but most especially Isaiah's social dream.

  2. Beauty, sweetness, pride, determination, intelligence, strength, hopes, dreams.
    All of that.
    What a good life.

  3. I love all these photos...most especially, Zachary with inner peace and the little flower in the dirt in Isaiah's self-portrait. LOVE IT...that says so much about his personality!


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