Sunday, May 13, 2012

Top Ten: Random Love List.

Gosh. Mother's Day is such a love fest that it has me thinking about love and all of the ways it takes form in my life. So you know what that means, right? A super-random top ten!

(feel free to gag or stop reading here.)

Top Ten Random Things That Make Me Think of Love. . .

. . .at the moment. I mean, not like this list is the full list of things that make me think of love. I mean. . .of course there are things I love that aren't in this ten that. . .  uggh. . .let me revise that title. . .

Top Ten Random Things That Make Me Think of Love at 11 o'clock at Night on Mother's Day. 

Yeah. That's better.

Wanna hear it? Here it go!


Love is. . . .

. . .carefully picking out the good leaves and then cutting out all of the stalks from the big batch of collard greens because your kids and husband don't like them. Yes. Instead of using the ones that are already pre-cut and pre-cleaned in the bag from Kroger or Publix.

Listen to me, people. This? Now this is some love for real.


Love is. . . . .

. . . acting terrified and surprised every time your child appears in front of you in a new costume. No matter how many times that happens in a one hour window. (This guy was "half Bumble-Bee-Transformer/half Ben-10-Humongosaur.. . with a baseball bat as a weapon.")



Love is. . . . .

. . .not getting upset when your wife falls asleep on the way home from every single date night. . . .after only one glass of wine. . . before 11 P.M.


Love is. . . .

. . .having a super-crafty older sister who crochets you really cool scarves to wear.


Love is. . . .

. . . having a father who looks at your child like this.


Love is. . . .

. . . . having a super fun-loving younger sister who takes you to get crazy pedicures like this when you visit her in California.


Love is. . . .

. . .  watching the man you love teach his son how to properly salute.


Love is. . . .

. . . getting a super-sweet handwritten card in the snail mail from one of your favorite people who happens to live all the way in Uganda.  . . . .

. . .even if it makes you miss her more.


Love is. . . .

. . . fun times with girlfriends . . .  and remembering that even though you are both medicine-nerdy doctors . . . that you're both still in touch with your silly sides.


Love is. . . . .

. . . .seeing a superhero when you look at yourself in the mirror. . . .

. . . . and not caring whether or not everyone else does, too.


Love is. . .

. . . having a mom whose afro was so nice . . . .that you had to post a picture of it twice.

Best. Fro. Ever. Mom. The Jackson 5 had absolutely NOTHING on you and this massive yet curiously symmetrical work of art. And I'm saying. . .it doesn't even look fully picked out. I bet with one of those Afro Sheen blowout kits it wouldn't have even fit in this photo frame.

But Mom. . . . the questions till remains: Did you tuck me inside of that thing after the picture was taken? Seriously, Mom. Did you?


Okay. I obviously need to go to bed.


Hey! Add to this list. What random love things you got?

Now playing on my mental iPod. . . . Love is ALSO  anything this man sings. . .including this song. . .one of the best ever.


  1. Well, I guess I'll just be corny and tell you that "Love is getting to kow you and your world on this here blog."

    And I do love the photo of your mother and you. And let me tell you, Afros look a hell of a lot better than shags.

  2. #3 I got one of those cards in the mail too after my wedding and it was so special its still sitting on the shelf in my room. Makes the world feel so small doesn't it?

  3. In the words of Kimberly Manning:
    "Busy TOE!" LOL! I haven't had busy toes since the summer... maybe I'll get some soon!


  4. I keep waiting for the Afro to come back. That particular hairdo said, "Here I am in all my singular and unique glory!" in a way that changed the world.
    Do not doubt me.

    I love YOU!

  5. love this- and you- glad you finally got the card!!! happy moms day!! can't WAIT to see you in December!!! xoxox

  6. i know you had a happy mother's day looking into all those loving faces. but i'll say it anyway. happy you day. you are an amazing and wonderful mom. just like your mom.


"Tell me something good. . . tell me that you like it, yeah." ~ Chaka Khan

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