Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Top Ten: Crush on you.

How did you know if I never told?
You found out--I've got a crush on you
No more charades
 My heart's been displayed
You found out -- I've got a crush on you!

~ from The Jets "Crush on You"


 Here's a really awesome family fact: My maternal granddad had this sweet nickname for my grandmother that not everyone knows about. I just happen to know because once on my wedding anniversary she told me that Granddaddy used to call her this:


Yes. You read that right. "Reason." As in . . . his "reason for living."


Okay. I can't say that the BHE calls me "Reason" -- but he does call me when he says he will and when he's supposed to. So that's reason enough for me to dedicate today's top ten to the BHE!

Man. Is it normal to have a crush on your husband? Because I kind of do. Case in point: We went out to this super awesome outdoor lawn concert last Saturday evening and seriously? I had butterflies in my stomach just from standing next to him and smelling his clean smell. Almost like I was at the eighth grade dance.


So I wrote a little top ten about it. Like to hear it? Here it go!


* that just might surprise you.

#10  -- He's super swanky.

Did you know? The BHE is a snappy dresser. I'm talking effortless style. He doesn't have a bunch of clothes either. He just believes in owning a few good classic pieces. And especially quality shoes that can be resoled and withstand many years and trends.

Shhhh. Fact: He is a much better dresser than his wife. Much. He has an eye for things and never has to try hard. He has this way of always looking put together even if he's going to CVS to pick up my Allegra-D. Yep. That's just how he rolls.

Don't believe me? Just check out this swanky scarf he's wearing in this photo. How confident in your look do you have to be to pull that off? Seriously? Seriously.

Without fail it goes like this in our house:

Him: "Babe. Check this out. I got this today when I was in the mall getting my shoes shined."

Sidebar: Yes. He gets his shoes shined, which is a whole separate thing.

Me:  "Is that a . . .plaid linen scarf? What are you going to do with that?"

Him: "Wear it around my neck."

Me:  0_0

Him:  "You're tripping. This is hot to death."

Me:  "I'd say you're about to BE hot to death. In that scarf."

Him:  "I got it for the outdoor concert. You really don't like it, babe?"

Me:  "I more don't understand it." 

Him: "You'll see."

And once again, he was right. I saw and yes, was very glad to be his wife that night. Because that questionable scarf looked almost as HOT as he did. And from the scores of sisters that I saw rubbernecking in his direction, I know I wasn't the only one who felt that way.

P.S.  Did I mention that he dresses me QUITE often when we're going out? Uuuhhh, yeah.

#9 --  He's a man of few words.

But the ones he has are sweet ones.

By the way, the BHE is in my phone under "EMERGENCY CONTACT."  That's why you see that at the top. And for the record, he's also in there under "BHE", "Harry," and "I.C.E. -- in case of emergency."

Overkill, I know.

#8  -- He takes his sons to get a haircut at the barber--every single week.

Sure, every week sounds like a lot. But I will give you this quick cultural competency nugget: A whole lot of adult African-American men get their hair cut on a weekly basis. Not unusual at all. At all.

So here's the thing: The BHE feels strongly about boys learning to care about grooming themselves early. He thinks this should be ingrained in them as little boys so that they'll never be sloppy-looking as men. The BHE is meticulous about their pants being all the way up and their clothes and hair being neat -- at least at the beginning of the day. Perhaps some of this is his military background, but honestly? I think this preceded all that. Anywho. I'm not against it AT ALL because I get some free-to-be-you-and-me time every single week while they go to do this. Hellooooo mani-pedi!

Whoops, I mean. It's sooooo important that my sons are learning how to be responsible men from their dad. Yeah, that. Ah hem.

Letting their mama get a sweet power nap on a week day? Bonus.

#7  -- He is a master IRONER.

Yes. The dude believes in knocking back some wrinkles. Sure does. And before you ask--yes. He irons the boys' clothes every single day. Even on the weekends. One exception: Nylon soccer uniforms.

Oh, and one of our earliest new parent arguments? When we were going to a cookout with then three month old Isaiah. And he wanted to iron the one piece jumper before I STRAPPED HIM INTO THE INFANT CARRIER. Uuuuhh, okay.

Perhaps this is also military. But it could be Cleveland. I'm not sure.

#6  --  He always smells like soap. Always.

Soap at Lake Lanier

Soap at trick or treat

Soap on the ocean

Soap. Clean. Always. Wish these pictures were scratch 'n' sniffs.

Look. I don't know how he does it. But he always does. He always smells like soap. It's the most bizarre thing. Even his dirty laundry smells like Lever 2000 plus a hint of outdoors. But that musty armpit smell? Never.

Not. Even. Kidding.

Do you know how much pressure it is to do laundry for someone whose laundry you can't even smell to check for funkiness? Here is my solution:  If it smells like fabric softener, it's clean. If it smells like soap, it's not.

(The other solution I sometimes employ is just not doing the laundry. Heh.)

#5  --   He buys shoes for me without me being there. And they ALWAYS fit perfectly.

Not. Even. Kidding.

Here are the latest ones. I told him one day that I wanted a "super feminine peep toe in black patent leather. Because peep toes make me happy--especially if they have the perfect amount of peep." Then I explained to him what constitutes peep toe nirvana. He listened to me and. . . .


These perfect peep toes with perfect amount of peepage. Which reminds me. Too much peep makes your toes slide out. Which hurts like the dickens. But these? Perfect peep distribution.

5 points for Gryffindor for real.

(Please note the ironing board in the background.)

#4  --  He's cool, but not too cool for school.


#3 -- He tells me I look "hot." Often.

But manages to find different adjectives for other women and for my friends. Even if they look hot, too.

#2  --  Even though he always smells like soap, he's always down for getting himself -- and the kids -- dirty.

he smells like soap here, too.

No smells from those pits. 

Can't you just smell the soap from here?

I wish I had pictures of them at the rodeo last week. They were filthy!

The boys smelled like wild animals. But the BHE smelled like . . .soap.

#1  --  He always roots for me instead of competing with me.

So I never have to shrink in his presence. Or water down who I am. Ever.

And that? That I appreciate that the most. I get to do me and he gets to do him. Full strength. And that's the best. Because being anything other than your authentic self is totally exhausting. Damn, it is.

So there you have it. Ten reasons I'm crushing on Brother Manning aka The BHE. He smells like soap, he's a great dad, he buys me shoes AND tells me I'm hot. It doesn't get any better than that!


That's all I got for tonight, y'all. Night night.

Happy Wednesday.

Now playing on my mental iPod. . .and regrettably on yours for the rest of the day. The Jets singing "Crush on You" in full 80's splendor!


  1. I'm not sure how we're supposed to respond to that except with some inappropriate phrases.


    You're a lucky woman who's married to a lucky man.

    1. Ha ha ha. . . . he's a good guy. My favorite picture is the one of him in class with Isaiah. Love that he was kneeling next to him like that.

  2. From the deck of the Poop,
    I love this post and I love you and Harry loving each other and being ok watching each other grow. Keep that feeling!!

    Much love.


    1. I also love that he knows how much I love my father--and welcomes it. That's a beautiful thing, too. Thanks, Poopdeck!

  3. I'm with your daddy. You know, metaphorically speaking.

  4. Well, yes, he is crushable. I think I should stop there. :)

    1. You didn't do so bad yourself, Sister Lister! I've seen your BHE -- especially the pictures of him cooking in the kitchen. SWOOOOON!!!

  5. I love you and your BHE together. Beautiful people, beautiful couple. The Mannings rock!

    1. You know I've seen the Senior Team and it is something special. Your husband may have one of the best smiles I've ever seen! :)

  6. Ooh, I'm swooning. You lucky girl!

  7. I often send links to your posts to my husband, but this one might give him a serious inferiority complex. Sure my husband can be a spectacular dresser and has mad ironing skills and irons my clothes and hasn't let me clean a bathroom since my first positive pregnancy test (waaaay too many years ago) and he has dropped everything to support my dream, but shoes?!!!! Seriously?!!! That's a whole different level... :)

    May the two of you always love each other with all your might!

    1. Isn't that funny? Who does that? Buys shoes for their wife when she isn't even there? I think it's all those years of owning the shoe repair and alterations shop he used to have. That gave him a unique shoe eye. At least I think that's the explanation.

  8. LOL Le sigh! So awesome! The soap thing? I FEEL YOU!! Hands DOWN one of my favorite crushable things about my husband! SOOOOOAP!!! I've always been a soap lady but this man? Wooo Lawd! LOL He gets home for lunch in less than 15 minutes. Let me get my nose ready to sniff him. LOL (One of his nicknames for me is Bloodhound... not quite as sweet as Reason but I'll take it. LOLOL!!)

    1. "Bloodhound". . . "Reason". . . it's all in love, ain't it? Le sigh!

  9. Damn. What the two of you have is amazing and precious. Sustain it. Continue to nurture it-and know that you give me hope that the real thing exists. I love and believe in love!

    Maria, fellow Meharrian

    1. Trust me, Maria--if it happened for me it can happen for anyone. Keep hope alive!

  10. What a wonderful tribute to your husband. It's the little things that can mean the most. My fiance loves to cook for me, which is new because I can cook & always did in past relationships & it never bothered me. I never knew how much I would appreciate having this aspect of a relationship flipped.

    I love to see other people so happy in love.

    1. Yes indeed! Now let me know what your fiancé is cooking up over there tonight. . . . .;)

  11. Oh lawd, 2 future Omega's???

    From the daughter/wife of Alpha men!

    PS- NO I'm NOT an AKA, LOL!!!

    1. Alphas? Awww man, I'm sorry to hear that. Ha ha ha! Seriously, though -- those boys are definitely on their way to being Omega gentlemen. It's all they know around these parts between their daddy, PaPa, and both godfathers. And me being a Delta girl just adds fuel to the fire!

      We admit to being partial to the Omegas over here -- blame my dad and husband for that! (But we still have love for everyone else, too!)


      P.S. Isaiah's and Zachary's godmommies ARE an AKAs. (But they'll marry Delta girls, of course. . . LOL!!)

  12. I heart Harry! And I know he hearts me back! :) Love you both.

    Ps. Where did you get that red striped maxi dress?! I feel I can ask that now that we're shoe twins.

    1. Ant -- red striped maxi dress came from the same place as our shoes. :)

  13. The BHE sounds wonderful, but one thing I can't wrap my brain around is the shoes! I can't even buy shoes for MYSELF without trying them on and have them fit. How does he do that????

    1. I think it's because he used to own a shoe repair shop. Maybe that cobbler apprenticed him to know a true size 8 1/2 when he sees one? Still not sure how he does that!

  14. You don't have the BHE, you have the B'F'HE. Everything, just everything, but the shoes put him over the top.

  15. I am so glad I started reading your blog after learning of it in a magazine article! The post was wonderful and reminded me of why I still have a crush on my hubby! - ADeltaGirlNamedKim :)

  16. I love the way you love him! I do!

  17. Soror Kim, I love this story. You are so blessed and so is he.


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