Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pweese, baby, pweese.

In the spirit of Isaiah's birthday week. . . .here's a little blast from the past. This is a video I made of us reading a book together one evening. Gasp! My little Isaiah was only two years old. And his voice! His voice is so super, duper tiny and cute and cherubic that I can hardly even believe it's the same kid. Where did my baby go?

Sigh. . . .

Where does the time go? Like seriously? Where does it go?

Don't grow up too fast, Isaiah. Pweese, baby baby baby, pweese, baby . . . .

Happy Mommy-versary week!


  1. Awww, adorable. For some reason you don't sound at all like I expected, but that's probably because I inexplicably imagine all people speaking with a Canadian accent. Love the clip!

  2. So sweet! My baby turns eleven on Thursday. Good God almighty.

    On another note, I thought of you today when I watched the Seattle Children's Hospital video/Kelly Clarkson song -- have you seen it?

  3. I loved the "where do you colour?" part. "On paper!". Too cute. Thank you for a smile!

  4. What a sweet little voice and what sweet words to remember. After he read that book so excellently, did he sleep or did he read pwease pwease baby pwease some more. Just darling.

  5. I am so glad you got that on video. Lord. Where do our babies go? Bless his darling heart. And yours. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. What a beautiful video! Love, Love, Love!!

  7. TOO sweet. Awww!!
    Dang, things like this make me want kids lol.

  8. My oh My but this is one precious recording! And what a smart boy to already have that book memorized at two. Love this. x0 N2


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