Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweet Somethings

Ten random sweet nothings spoken to me by the Cocopugs in the past 24 hours:

  1. "Mommy, this lady is pretty, right?" (Referring to Demi Moore on cover of People Magazine) "But she isn't Mommy-pretty, though."
  2. "Mom, you are a champion macaroni-and-cheese-maker."
  3. "Mom, just because Rapunzo has long hair and you have short hair doesn't mean I don't think you're prettier."
  4. "Whoa Mommy! That dress looks good on you!"
  5. "I think I don't want to get married or grow up ever. But if I change my mind, I will marry a girl that is kind of like you, okay Mom?"
  6. "I told Zachary that he did a good job on his worksheet and he was happy, Mom. That's 'cause you told me that it's good to a-courage people. You are a good Mommy. Did that give you a-courage?"
  7. "Heeeey!!! It's SO good to see you, Mommy!" (afterschool greeting)
  8. "Last night, I told God that I was thanking Him for making you my mommy and Daddy my daddy. He said, You're welcome." "He did?" "Yeah, but in my heart, not out loud."
  9. "I love it when we wait for the bus together. Even if it's early and even if it's raining. Because we're together."
  10. "Mommy, I bet you are a really good doctor because you take good care of me, Zachary, and Daddy." "Thanks, Poops. That really gives me a-courage to start my day." "Mom, I think it's a-couragement."

Bonus one: "You know what, Mom? You're alright with me."



  1. Swoon!
    #8 made me clutch my heart.
    And oh all of that sweet, sweet, a-couragememnt!

  2. Hm, those all sound very Isaiah-ish. I wish I had my own rugrat cheer squad. (well, not quite yet, but someday)

  3. ugh, this was the best to read after a long day. #8 was precious. You've got some great boys there!


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