Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reflection on a Saturday: The Life of a Clinician-Educator

"Thank you for teaching me the art and the importance of the history and physical examination."

"Because of you, I'm a better doctor."

"I'm not here tonight as a colleague. I'm here tonight because I am his friend."

Tonight I am reflecting on all of these words of affirmation I heard directed at a fellow Grady doctor, Michael L. He was honored at our Emory Alumni weekend this year after more than thirty years on the faculty. Person after person came to the open microphone to share their personal accounts of how he'd impacted their lives. It kind of made me want to cry. I was reminded once again that when you give flowers to the living, it rejuvenates the giver as well.*

His response? (with what I believe was a bit of "choked-up-edness" in his normally stoic voice):

"I get paid to do what I love every single day."


Thank you, Dr. Lubin, for reminding me of why I'm doing this and for being the "Grady doctor" personified.

"Teacher, I need you."


*Click this link to listen to a narrative published in The Annals of Internal Medicine written and authored by . . .err. . .me. Drag the marker to just beyond the half-way point to skip all the scientific stuff and hear this article called "The Death of a Clinician- Educator." (When you hear a woman's voice reading, just back up to the beginning of it.)

I hope you enjoy it (and the gnarly music afterward which includes this cool song called "Teacher, I need you".) :)

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