Friday, October 1, 2010

Reflection on a Friday: The Great Poo-Dowski

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with medicine. But it does have a lot to do with who I am--which is a mommy/clinician-educator/goofball.

 Zachary (Thing 2)

As you already know by know, I am no stranger to random posts about Isaiah and Zachary, aka Thing 1 and Thing 2, aka The Cocopugs, aka Mommy's Moo-Moos, aka Mommy's Moo-Moo-skis.  (Oh yeah. . .Did I forget to tell you that we add "ski" to just about everything as a term of endearment? Hmmm.)

I've been feeling extra-lovey on the blog towards the kids since I discovered my newest guilty pleasure--a delightful little blog called Smacksy which chronicles life with an absolutely hilarious pre-schooler named Bob. What a fun ride! If you want to get your laugh on, you just have to visit this blog. (Especially you, Lesley aka Mama Junebug Jones--you'd love it even more than Cheezburger.) Seriously, though. . . . I completely relate to the author's wonderful stories about her son, especially since it's obvious that her Bob is such an old soul like Isaiah.  (You just gotta love the eighty-five year-old trapped in a four year-old's body!)


Anyways, right now, I have Zach-a-roony on the brain. He was born in October, so my timing is perfect don't you think? No, my Zachy isn't an old soul, but he should be a stand-up comic for real (or at least a professional singer/break-dancer.)  I have never seen a child less affected by the opinions of others than this kid. What a free spirit, that Zachary! 

That said, here is a nice little Zachary snippet to make you smile! In the spirit of Zachary-was-born month (aka October). . .stay tuned for more of the funny man himself!

Said The Great Poo-dowski, "I can dress MYSELF!"

Zachary Manning. Also known as "Zach-a-roony Positoony." Also known as "The Zack Attack," which, depending on the day, he will gladly introduce himself as to anything animal, vegetable or mineral. There's more. . .also known as "Toogie"--which somehow was something that evolved from "Sugar" then "Shugie" then "Shuga Tooga" then ended at "Toogie."  And often known simply as "The Pooda" which, in more recent months, has morphed into "The Great Poo-dowski" (He came up with that, thank you very much.) Almost forgot--when he's really feeling silly, he prefers "The GRRRRR-eat POO-DOO-DOWSKIIIII!!!" (Emphasis on the rolling 'r' in great.)

Poo-dowski on his way into school with backpack bigger than life.

Yesterday morning, The Great Poo-doo-dowski dressed himself. He said, "Today, I am not Zach Attack. I am the Grrrrrr-eat Poo-dowskiiiii!!!!"  He subsequently proceeded to dress the part. The best part? He rocked this entire look, down to the mask, all day long.  His teacher was a great sport, and even allowed him to wear his (NO, not a Podderman mask, Mommy!) but his "Grrrrrr-eat Poo-doo-dowski" mask all day.  He even reached into his backpack on the way in and discovered that his 3D shades were still in there from Toy Story 3 and added that to his look. It was pretty gnarly.  It got even gnarlier when he spilled raviolis all over his clothes and needed to be changed. His disorganized mama/clinician-educator/goofball still had shorts in his cubby at pre-school. . .so the look became this:

The Great Poo-dowski, complete with 3D shades

Is it normal to be in love with your child? Please tell me it is. . . . .

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  1. LOL!!! How did i miss this post??? This is too funny! Look at that last outfit! Only the Pooda!


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