Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reflection of a Novice Blogger: The Blind Side

 "Rut Roh!"   

~ Astro the Dog (of the Jetsons)

Astro took the words right out of my mouth:  

Rut Roh.

Was doing some blogger homework and trying to get more blogger-savvy. Ha. Noticed that some of the shmanciest blogs have something in common: dark writing on light backgrounds. Hmmm. But wait. Am I the type that overhauls everything because of the crowd? No! Do I really care if no one other than my mom ever reads or comments?  Errr, okay. Yeah.


Ah hah. A medical excuse! Green. My old background was green. And that green background probably looked more like some dreadful shade of gray to my one fleeting color-blind reader (who I am sure kicked my blog to the curb the minute they arrived and wondered why someone asked them to visit a gray page.)What kind of upstanding internist would maintain a green page knowing that some introspective individual with color vision deficiency couldn't read it?

So I thought, "Hey!"

Why don't I change my template! I mean. . .nothing fancy. . just more readable. Simple enough, right? (Can't you feel the trainwreck coming? Think of someone deciding to pull up their tile in the bathroom and half way through it realizing how not-smart it was. . .)

But blogger.com is user-friendly. This should be a piece of cake, right?

Went into the settings and voila! Same simple look, but light background. . .destined to be easier on the eyes. Awesome! I already felt better reading it myself. Aaaahhh. . . . I could just feel the comments pouring in. . .the new followers lining up in cyber-queue! But then. . . .

Rut roh.

Realized that on some posts, I wrote things in . . .some kind of peachy color. Which doesn't exactly project so well on the light background. (Think of writing on a dry erase board with a peach marker.) So then I say, No problemo! I will just go into my posts and edit the peach or yellow or whatever. Easy enough, right?  Wrong.

Rut roh.

A virtual blogtastrophe. It seems that when you wrote a trillion posts (well, not a trillion, but a lot) on the antiquated blogger templates, the program gets annoyed by too many cute changes. Like font colors. In fact, weird things happen that cannot be overcome. At least by me.

So the good news:

I tried to edit my favorite post only. (The one where the patient asked me if I could beat box) That's when I discovered the blogtastophe. That's the only one affected by my mini-attempts at changing things. Yes, so that post is kind of weird, but acceptable (and still a gnarly story!)

The bad news:

I am too afraid to mess with the other posts. So. . .if you are new to this blog, forgive the occasional peach font portions in the archives. Trust me, you don't want me mucking around any more with it than I already have.

The best news:

My blog is now a friendly place for red-green color vision deficient readers! Welcome back. Heh.

I have not yet graduated to a fancy banner rolling across the top, but that's okay. For the quadrillionth time: Thanks for reading. Really. Or as my patients say at Grady:

" 'preciate you."


  1. Kim,
    Loving your blog to bits! Thank you for the color change, will make reading on my iphone MUCH easier. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. YAY! Nora, thanks so much for affirming my color change decision, albeit an impulsive one. Your one vote for the lighter background has been promptly multiplied by five trillion. . .consider yourself a "focus group." Hee hee. :)

  3. Doc, I just found your blog , and wanted to let you know that it rocks !!
    Besides being clearly, a good doctor, I must says, you write well... keep it up !


  4. oh i love the color change! also the dark font helps for those of us who read in google reader :)


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