Thursday, August 7, 2014

Random stuff I heard at Grady this week.

"Something smell like incense. Is that you?"

"What? Uhhh, I hope not."


"Describe your pain to me."

"It feel like when a roach bite you."

"Uuhhhh. . . do roaches. . .uhh. . .bite?"


"Oh, okay."

(Do roaches bite?)


"You got little ankles to have such a big butt."

"Um, thanks?"


"Is there anything more disgusting than a bedpan? You tell me!"

"Uhhh. . ."

"See? I told you."


"Sir, you need to take your antipsychotic."

"Risperdal is for SISSIES!"


"Why you standing there looking at me with that stupid look on your face?"

"Ummmm, not sure how to answer that."


"Percocet is the TRUTH, baby."


"Awwwww yeah! Black cat, I see you crossing me!"

"Ummm, hello sir. You okay today?"

"Come on over here so I can show you, shuga!"


"Tha's your real hair?"

"Who me? Is this my real hair?"


"Uhhh, is it possible to have hair this short that isn't really mine?"

"You ain't never seen the 27-piece weave?"

"The who?"

"Girl, Google it."

(I did.)



(from a Grady elder to the nurses on the ward while being wheeled out to the discharge waiting area.)


I love this place.

Happy Thursday.


  1. I am so mad that you made me google the 27 piece weave. This is a true example of anything is possible. #praisehim lol!

  2. LOL, now I got "Baby got back" playing in my head ad nauseum, ROTFL!!!!

  3. Lol at 27 piece weave! It's one of my favorite go to styles. I don't have to cut my hair to rock a short do!

    Derin A.

  4. ""You got little ankles to have such a big butt."

    "Um, thanks?"

    People say things that I can't imagine saying to other people. I wouldn't disrespect them that much. Where do they get off? I wonder sometimes if I should show contempt for their disrespect. Maybe if there was a consequence they would learn tact.


"Tell me something good. . . tell me that you like it, yeah." ~ Chaka Khan

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