Sunday, August 10, 2014

Life in Pictures: Goings on.

From my first week on the wards. Had just rescued someone who was locked in the stairwell. For whatever reason, that's always funny to me. Mostly because that person has many times been me.

Medicine nerds unite! Nothing like a field trip down to to the lab to look at slides under the teaching scopes. My resident knew this would give me palpitations of joy, so he snapped this image and sent it to his attending.

My dynamite third year student, Alex R. She's excellent with patients and a real self starter. I'm really enjoying working with her. Oh, and she's also a California girl, like me which only makes me like her more.

Friday night lights! The girls were all back together again. Tanya S. was passing through the states on her way back to Africa where she now lives. Aaah! What a treat! It was like we never missed a beat.

I had just come from Grady to meet up with them. Still in my glasses and work clothes, but so what? I was with three of my original Ruths. I never feel under or overdressed when I'm with these girls. Our laughs are easy and genuine. Acceptance is never the exception--it's the rule.

I have no idea what Marra was showing Tanya in this picture. Probably something naughty hence this diabolical laugh after she caught me snapping a photo of it.

I told them to hide me in my work dress. Ha. Joy gladly obliged and took it as an opportunity to strike a pose in her gingham checked shirt.

We were instructed to look "fierce" here. We look more forced than fierce. Ha.

Dang. My glitter-sparklies are showing up pretty strong on that snap.

Huggies! (That's what Zachary says in the morning or late at night when he wants a hug. Ha.) Now I say that all the time to my friends.

Was great to see Tanya. But bittersweet to know she'd be on another continent in just a few days.

The boys at church today. It was "move up Sunday." The kids get promoted to the next grade classroom for children's church. They build a lot of pomp and circumstance around it which kids really dig.

We all had brunch/lunch at Mardi Gras Cafe afterwards. It's become our post-church ritual now. It's amazing to see how much the BHE has grown that place. Today before we ate, Isaiah said a lovely prayer of thanks for the food but also for his Daddy's thriving restaurant.

Did you know? Harry had never owned a restaurant in his life nor had he ever been in this business. But what he does know is hard work and people. That man is the real deal, I tell you. I'm so in awe of him. He's amazing.

That's him in the background in the yellow shirt. He's been avoiding my paparazzi lately. Ha.

Look at this! Parking spot #33 at the hair salon. That's my lucky number, you know.



My resident this month, Cameron L., teaching the medical students and the interns. I had just walked into the team room where I found him in the throws of some serious knowledge-dropping. He also wears real bow ties nearly every day except on call.  Sorry I didn't get a snap of it--this was a call day.

He's my kind of resident.

Team H hallway selfie. Cameron was in clinic so when the bow tie is away, the kids all play. (Yes, we were still taking excellent care of our patients, thank you very much.)

We believe in communication on our team. Compassionate and transparent communication. That's what Mayur M. was doing here. He's awesome.

This is what it looks like when your attending physician communicates with you via text. And when 90% of the texts are business but 10% completely random things designed to get everyone to lighten up.

I'm sure you can guess which of those two types Alex and Kevin were reading here. What can I say? This work gets heavy so you've got to lighten up, man.

Are you ready for some footbaaaaaall? Oh yeah!

Hey, did I tell you that Zack made the travel team? Maybe I did. But if I didn't, he did. And yes, his mother most CERTAINLY did buy him a balloon to commemorate this accomplishment. Most certainly did.

Like that boy said to me a few weeks back: "Effort is between you and you."

His effort paid off. And how awesome is that quote? (It's from Ray Lewis, his football hero.)

Here is Zachary mean-mugging after his football game on Saturday. He's starting as a corner back. Exciting stuff. AND we are 3-0 so far. Woot!

 This is Isaiah after I busted him drinking a Sprite at the Omega picnic. He froze like a statue and acted like I couldn't see him. That funny little man.

More of the boys at Harry's fraternity family picnic. I am wondering at what age they will realize that they are actually NOT members of their father and grandfather's fraternity?


Here with Uncle Keith. He's the BHE's line brother and Zachary's godfather.

I love that my boys are such good friends.

This fun day in the pool last weekend went swimmingly well. That's Isaiah with that funny face and the two handsome little sweeties flanking me are the boys' twin godbrothers, Parker and Peyton.

Had a very lovely "brunch bunch" with these two awesome Emory M2 students, Robbie G. and Will T. I took them to one of my favorite neighborhood spots, Murphy's. I'm so glad they did most of the talking. I got to listen (and inhale my chilaquiles.) Yum!

We are penciled in for another brunch bunch in a few months. This one was so much fun we agreed that we must do it again.

Blue toes at football practice.

Throw your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care. . . . .if you're a big time second grader on the second grade hall!

Never too cool to come give huggies to your favorite first grade teacher, though.


Dinner with Las Jefes. It never gets old being with these girls. Grady doctors through and through.

There is always permission to speak freely. That's the best part.

This was after a five minute visit to a patient turned into a one hour visit. Let's just say she was rather . . errr. . .chatty.

And this. A yummy bowl of green gazpacho at the counter of Ria's Bluebird. Ria, the beloved owner, passed away in 2013 from a heart attack. She was in her forties. I didn't know her personally. But her story and the hole she left behind reminds me of my Deanna. Plus her food is great and her restaurant is adorable. I imagine her hanging out with my sister and talking shit. That makes me like coming here, usually alone.

The price is nice, too. I had a pancake on the side and it only came to 8 bucks. Shweet.

And lastly this. A snap taken on my office photobooth. I was missing my sister and feeling melancholy. Not really crying on the outside, but sort of on the inside I was. So I captured it in an image.

Why? I'm not sure.

My emotions are complex when I'm missing Deanna. I can see it here. So I guess I sort of like that I can.

That's all I've got.

Are you living your life like it's golden? I hope so. I know it looks exhausting but it's not. I'm just alive. And I'm so, so glad.


Happy Sunday. Tomorrow is Deanna's birthday and the first day of school. Perfect, right?


  1. Oh, I loved scrolling through these, reading your words and just smiling and nodding my head. You are so very much ALIVE as are all the people around you. Even your Deana is alive in your heart -- and that photo of you at the end is not only beautiful but deeply intimate.


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