Friday, July 18, 2014

Top Ten: Flight of Random Ideas.

Hi y'all!!

Life is busy right now. Very. When it gets this way, it's hard for me to stay at a story long enough to finish it. But that doesn't mean I don't want to write anything. Wait. Does that even make sense?

Oh well.

In medicine we call it "flight of ideas" when  a person jumps from subject to subject without any rhyme or reason to the discussion. In the blog world we call it being "random." Either way, when I get this crazy busy, I definitely wrestle with a flight of random ideas when it comes to my thinking and hence my writing. Matter o'fact, I even wrote a little top ten about it. 

Like to hear it? Here it go.

I bring you:


#10  Biking Boldness

I'm the first to admit that I'm no real biking guru. I do admire the folks who jump on them to go hither and thither. I like this idea of getting physically and cardiovascular-ly fit whilst being kind to the earth. I do.


I have a confession. Please don't hate me, biker-people. Let me first say that I DO share the road. I make plenty of space for my two-wheeled travelers when heading down the streets in my car and I also try my best to be mindful of where they are. I do. 


Sometimes? The Bike Nation can get pretty bold, man. Lately I've encountered my fair share of folks rolling right in the middle of the lane in front of me. No. Not making a left turn or anything but just trucking along. At, like, 17 miles per hour. When I'm late. 


I guess my confession is that I feel annoyed when that happens. I need to figure out how to reconcile the mad respect I have for what you are doing with the fact that you aren't in a car. Because maybe, just maybe, I've had a few choice words (in my head, of course) for you when I ride behind you on Briarcliff Road at a snail's pace.

I'm just saying.

#9  Football season has HIT THE BUILDING.

As we say in our house, "We 'bout that LIFE!"  Those entrenched in hip-hop youth culture will know this phrase. For the rest of you, it's this all-encompassing saying that can mean a whole bunch of things. Mostly it means being fully entrenched in the culture of something. Said culture might get one arrested if you are listening to certain references, but not our football one. 


Look at these cleats, people. My son is HYPED, do you hear me? He's trying out for the travel team this year. When the boys were out in California, I sent Zachary some snapshots of cleats from the sporting goods catalog. He picked the Batman Cam Newtons. Why, you ask? 'Cause! WE 'BOUT THAT LIFE! So. Cannot. Wait.

And yes. My seven year-old son plays football and I'm okay with it. #nojudging #didyouseetheworldcup #theytotallygetheadinjuries #relaxpeople

 #8 Me-ma

This week was the anniversary of my maternal grandmother's passing. Here are some snapshots from one of the last really good conversations we shared. That day I was talking to her about hair, eyebrows, wrinkles, and everything else you can name. We were laughing and hugging and just yucking it up. It was actually a flight of random ideas that day. Which was fine with me.

My grandma was awesome.

#7 Not-so-cool Runnings

I have no idea why I'm smiling on this photo. Summer running for me has been a major chore, to say the least. Anything over 3 miles feels heinous. And before you ask why I would run more than 3 miles in the summer in Georgia, I'll tell you that I don't really have a great answer for you.

Oh, I'm cheap.

Yes, that. See, I signed up for a half marathon that's coming up. . .errrr. . . this Sunday. And once I've paid my hard-earned money, I'm going to get my moulah's worth. Yep. So yeah, I've been training. But it's been painful. The good news is that I'm running it with my very, very awesome sorority sister and friend, Glencia W. We pledged together in 1992 and she's absolutely hilarious. So that's going to be fun. She lives in Chicago so I'll also get to visit there.

Please wish me luck. And pray to whomever you pray to that I don't turn into "The Fly" on mile 12. Oh. You're too young to remember this movie scene? Well. Here you go.

Ha ha. You're welcome.

#6  #sister

Had this super cute necklace made for JoLai and myself. Isn't it, like, the cutest thing ever?

Oh. Did I mention? Mine came in the mail first. Umm. . .yeah. JoLai's hasn't yet. #actuallyabadsister

#5  The Medical Student Teaching Competition

How cool is this? Remember the Fellows' Teaching Competition that I told you all about? The thing where our fellows in training gave these 8 minute talks before a panel of judges for a prize? Well. Our awesome medical students have taken it upon themselves to organize a similar version for medical students.

I'm advising them but man! They are SO organized. They even have a website:

I'm so two thousand and late. They are SO 3008, man. Totally. They even had the bright idea to assign each student competitor a faculty coach/mentor. Kind of like that show The Voice. Ha. This photo above if of me with my mentee, Kelly A.  All I'm saying is this:

We. Are. Beast. Mode.

Have I mentioned how competitive I can be? Ha ha. It's on. Don't be surprised if Kelly comes swinging in on a flying trapeze in less than 8 minutes. I'm just saying.

Emory peeps! Be there or be square. man.

#4  The parental units.

My mom and dad are simply awesome. Even if my dad's fanny pack has gotten even larger in the last few years, he's still cool. And how can you not love a mom who photobombs your picture with her childhood teddy bear? I mean, seriously?

Best. Parents. Ever.

#3  Speaking of photos. . . .

Here is my little godson/nephew the other day who was introduced to the MacBook photobooth. This is one of twelve trillion photos. My lap top now has zero memory because a three-year old has taken it up with selfies. Oh and did I mention? He knew the word "selfie."

Seriously? Seriously.

#2   For my protection

How annoyed am I that every twelve months my bank keeps sending me a new debit Visa "for my protection?" Don't they realize that I have fifty ka-trillion things connected to my debit card that ALL get jacked up when they do this? Seriously, this is like the fourth time they've done this to me. And then it's all cryptic when I call to ask what, pray tell, prompted it.

"It's for your protection," the Siri-sounding lady says.

Maaaaaaaan. That's real, real annoying. Almost as annoying as the dude riding down Clairmont in the fast lane on his ten speed.

Ah hem.

#1  Ridiculous gifs

Every day, I send my sister JoLai a ridiculous gif via text. For absolutely no reason whatsoever. I find gifs to be absolutely hilarious. I also animate any and every text I can with them. This is particularly fun when someone is supposed to be behaving themselves but has taken it upon themselves to message me. I'm ruthless like that. Here's a sample of the awesomeness:

I'm not a fan of any of those reality women from Bravo. But dang they make some good gifs! Especially Nene Leakes and the other woman Quad from Married to Medicine. Kanye has some winners, too.

I also make my own just to torture my sister with. Here is one from right after my last ten mile run the other day. I had just run around Stone Mountain twice which is SUPER hellaciously hilly.


Wait: Bonus item!

This BIG A bug landed on me when I was down in Florida for the fourth! OMG! My toe is there for size reference. The south is on something else. That thing was as heavy as a hamster! I sent a pic of it to our pest control man who just LOL'd at me and said it was a "ground beetle" and "harmless." 

I lost 4 pounds from the cardio workout I got from flailing around after seeing that damn thing on my leg. 


Just fainted thinking about it again.

Ha. That's all I got y'all. Wish me luck on my run!

Happy Friday


  1. For "random thoughts," this was highly entertaining -- I loved every word, picture and gif. My favorite, though, is the fantastic fanny pack. Over-the-top fabulous, especially perched in the front.

  2. Miz,
    Those gifs crack me up!!! Especially a Honey Boo Boo gif! Haaaaaa!!!


  3. The thought of someone biking on Clairmont Road gives me the heebie jeebies. There's barely enough room for two cars to pass each other.

  4. Love it! All of it! I'm with Elizabeth though, on the fanny pack. Might be that your darling daddy is going to have to move it all over to a backpack which is not only going to help him distribute the weight more evenly but is about ten thousand times cooler. But hell, he's cool no matter what he wears. So is your mama. So are you.
    Happy Friday, Doctor Sister Friend! And good luck on the race.

  5. These thoughts just randomly perked up my afternoon and put a smile on my hot, gritty face. In return I am giving you a link to the album I just can't stop listening to, guaranteed to put some smooth and tuneful into any hot and sweaty after run afternoon. Jorge Drexler (wrote "Al otro lado del rio", Academy Award winning song from "The Motorcycle Diaries" - a movie I highly recommend), the full album, "Eco", is up on youtube

  6. My fellow readers... just give it up. Poopdeck will never give up the fanny pack. NEVER! LOL!!! I often joke when we fly to Atlanta, the TSA is going to make him check it as luggage at the security stop. LOL! Team Fanny Pack for life!!!

    aka, Grady Doc's little sister


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