Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our Emory Medical Student Teaching Competition is TONIGHT!


I am so excited that I'm about to lose my mind. For reals.  Here is our our "elite eight" student presenters and their faculty "teaching coaches" for the event--makes up our "sweet sixteen" --well, technically sweet seventeen--one of our coaches had to leave town and, in true Emory form, another great teacher took the baton and ran it in for the final coaching sessions. How cool is that?

 Clockwise from the noon position:
  • #teamabhi: Dr. Ryan F. and Abhi K.
  • #teammike: Dr. Girish K. and Mike E.
  • #teamyaanik: Dr. Danielle J. and Yaanik D.
  • #teamchristian: Dr. Julie J-M. and Christian M.
  • #tagteamariella: Dr. Wendy A., Dr. Lisa B. and Ariella D.
  • #teamvinnie: Dr. Francois R. and Vinnie L.
  • #teambyron: Dr. Bhavin A. and Byron C.
  • #teamkelly: Dr. Kimberly M. and Kelly A.

This? Now this is a clinician educator/medicine nerd's dream.


Just fainted from nerd-tacular excitement.


More on this soon, okay? (As soon as I stop hyperventilating. . . . )

Happy Thursday and MSTC Day!


  1. I think #teambyron looks FIERCE (Just sayin' . . .), though #teamkelly takes a mean mug shot!

  2. Forgot to wish ALL teams good luck!


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